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Evile ' Enter The Grave' Redux Available Worldwide
November 26, 2008
To celebrate a year since its original release, UK retro-thrashers Evile's debut album 'Enter The Grave' has been reissued as a special redux edition and is now available worldwide!

This limited edition version of Evile's Flemming Rasmussen-produced (Metallica) work features the album housed in a special slipcase, and includes three bonus tracks, an 'Enter The Grave' patch, a guitar pick and a DVD. Clocking in at 2 hours, this exclusive DVD features the band playing the entire 'Enter The Grave' album live in rehearsal, plus live footage from the band's European tour with Megadeth, extensive band interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the band on the road!

Have a peek at the killer-value 'Enter The Grave' redux edition package at this location.

In related news, Evile guitarist Ol Drake fractured his jaw last week after the band's show in Rotterdam, Netherlands supporting Satyricon.

Ol wrote a blog to update everyone on his situation on Evile's MySpace page:

"Hello from my bed.

Thank you for all the get well messages (even the guy who said we suck, you rule).

Want to start by saying a HUGE sorry to all the people wanting to see us play on the Satyricon tour, I couldn't be more pissed off. I'm the first person to oppose cancelling any gig or tour, unless it's completely necessary. My first worry wasn't even for my health, it was for the tour... And that my beard would be ok.

I literally can't stand up for longer than 5 minutes or I just feel like going back down (took 4 goes to get the X-ray done). I did a highly medical thing called "lose blood". I wish I could have carried on the tour. No energy at all

Will get myself checked but I think I pretty much know why it happened:

During the Canada tour I developed a really bad cold/infection (which Ben caught, putting him in hospital on our return), it got worse when we got home. It developed into a URTI (Upper Respiratory Tracht Infection) so I was put on medication for that. My system was pretty low but I carried on anyway.

With the long drives on this tour, and the vast boredom between shows, I basically slept all the time. When it came to eating, we didn't have much food but I ate what I could that we were given by venues. On top of that we didn't have too much money to buy food (most of it going to lots of petrol) so I was basically not eating enough. I've done enough gigs and tours and not eaten a lot, and physically got by, as the shows themselves are usually good excersise. But I think this time it just caught up with me at a bad time and said "you hit the floor now". I've broken one side of the top of my jaw, detaching a bone which holds the muscle in place. Therefore the muscle is pulling my jaw up on one side. I sound like Stephen Hawking when I talk. Also a bone deep gash on my chin.

I will have to just get myself into good health, as this was basically my own fault.

So again, huge apologies to our fans, Satyricon + Crew (thank you for being cool with us!) and Zonaria."

For more info on Evile, the incident and Ol's blow by blow description of what happened, go to Evile's MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/evileuk.
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