Your Demise
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The Kids We Used To Be
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1. MMX
2. Miles Away
3. Scared Of The Light
4. Life Of Luxury
5. Teenage Lust
6. The Kids We Used To Be...
7. G.T.F.O.O.L.R.
8. Like A Broken Record
9. Shine On
10. Give Up, Get Dropped, Lose Out
11. Xo

Review by Eric Jones:

Life can be unpredictable and pitiless, it tosses a great deal of shit in your path, most of which you can't be prepared for. With that preface out of the way, Your Demise is ready for anything. After splitting with their frontman almost immediately following their debut last year the stakes were high, but the key was to react and take initiative. The British five-piece hit the ground running, contingently playing shows with a new vocalist forthwith. For the last year or so, they came out swinging – touring all over the states with their brand of loathing and destructive hardcore out of St Albans, UK. Like alchemist, they've taken straw with stride and turned it into something golden. When life gives you lemons, right?

In the face of adversity, 'The Kids We Used To Be' was conceived and recorded at their temporary residence in Garden Grove, California this April. With a new sense of balance and focus, the band strikes back with a barrage of powerful and impassioned profusion of tunes.

With their sophomore effort, Your Demise hasn't strayed too far from the path, they've maintained a lot of elements that made them who they are. The addition of Ed Mcrae has proved to be a driving force as well as a creative catalyst, which undeniably demanded a new dynamic from them. Recorded with producer John Mitchell, the production value is unique, it's thick and rugged with ample bass giving the guitars a nice gradient. The best thing about this release is the array of genres exhibited, and really, it's a testament as to what this band is capable of. While the album leans more in a hardcore direction, the aesthetics blend metal with grimy punk and balance chaos with melody. It illustrates a versatile composition with each song tailored for it's own unique take on multiple genres, staying fresh without spoiling the album's consistency. Many "experimental" bands try this execution out of "exploration", attempting to jam copious amounts of styles; creating the bane of the album's potential.

Some standout tracks are the title track; which is infectious, ripe with riffs reminiscent of old school Evergreen Terrace. G.T.F.O.O.L.R. – the short and turbulent thrash punk that sounds like something you might hear on a Municipal Waste record. Like A Broken Record has a captivating chorus, an omnipotent breakdown in the end with nothing too excessive or ad nauseam. Shine On is easily the heaviest song on the album, they are at their prime with this pounding and battering assault finding a really terrific niché. Also worth mentioning is Miles Away, this track has garnered plenty of acclaim and hype. I would imagine this would serve as the single from the album.

BOTTOM LINE: What hasn't killed them is only making them stronger. 'The Kids We Used To Be' is an engaging and focused effort presented by Your Demise, chock full of gang chants, refined riffs and keen production. They are not peerless in the genre but what the record accomplishes is absolute in what is tried and true. All of the ingredients are here for something superb; it's fun, crafty, melodic and has the classic aspects of emotion and spirit that makes hardcore so sensational. For fans of Architects, Dead Swans and This Is Colour.

RATING: 9/11

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The Kids We Used To Be