X Pistols
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Shoot To Kill
HOME TOWN: Orange County, CA

There is a storm brewing on the Sub Noize horizon as Kottonmouth Kings founder Daddy X teams up with motor-mouthed gun slinger the Dirtball for the creation of explosive new punk-rock outfit, The X-Pistols. The group is preparing to shake up the as they unleash their debut album “Shoot To Kill” on January 18th, 2011 through Suburban Noize Records.

”There is always been a punk element to what the Kottonmouth Kings do, but I’ve had a burning desire to press down on the throttle and open up the engine to my punk-rock roots,” commented Daddy X. “For me punk-rock is where I came from and where my heart will always be.”

Daddy X’s punk-rock roots can be traced back to Orange County’s Humble Gods, the group he helped create with the help of ex- Descendent’s guitarist Doug Carrion, guitarist Ricky Vodka, former Pennywise bassist Jason Thirsk (R.I.P.), and Kottonmouth Kings drummer Lou Dog. The group released a pair of underground classics with their 1996 debut “No Heroes” and 2004’s “Born Free”. Afterwards, the group went their separate ways and Daddy X focused his efforts on the Kottonmouth Kings.

“I always wanted to tap into the intense energy and element of danger that I felt went I first got into punk bands like TSOL, Wasted Youth, Black Flag and The Golden Era,” adds Daddy X. “We wanted to take everything about those bands, put a spin on it and take it somewhere no one has ever gone.”

The fresh spin Daddy X had been looking for came during his downtime from Kottonmouth Kings, when he teamed up with the Tatar brothers, Eddie and Joe, from Orange County punk legends D.I. Together they immediately found chemistry together in the studio and began knocking out venomous punk-rock tracks at a rapid pace, but once Daddy X brought his Kottonmouth Kings cohort the Dirtball into the studio record a guest appearance, he ended up creating a different kind of monster all together.

“Once I heard the Dirtball spit his venomous patterns on some punk, it was a wrap! I told him we need to do a whole record,” remembers Daddy X. “The goal was to have fun, unleash some energy and take punk rock somewhere it had never been taken! I think we awoke a sleeping beast with this record.”

The X-Pistols debut album, “Shoot To Kill”, is overflowing with enough raw, destructive, punk-rock rage to leave a trail of chaos behind. On January 18th, 2011 the X-Pistols are out to challenge and obliterate the boundaries that confine punk-rock, while harnessing the uncaged energy of the genre’s founders.