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What We See When We Shut Our Eyes

In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil

In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil CD
With Passion Calls It Quits
August 13, 2007
Sacramento technical melodic death metallers With Passion are calling it quits. Guitarist Jeff Morgan has issued the following update:

"Yes, it's true. Sept. 22 is planned to be the last show we ever play as With Passion. Many of you seem very upset by this, but it is for the best and I will explain why...

We have been struggling to keep afloat in the business side of music for at least 2 years now. We had high hopes that our new album would pull us out of that struggle, but instead our album was released with less than expected promotion and distribution and we ended up unable to even get on the road to support it. It simply seems ridiculous for us to continue on under this name since, as many of you have noticed the last original member Mike Nordeen (bass) departed the line up about three months ago to go onto bigger and better things in The Human Abstract. Many of you are fans of our other/previous band Conducting From The Grave. John (Abernathy, Guitar), Greg (Donnelly, Drums), and I have decided that we should continue again as CFTG and Steven (Lovas), whom replaced Mike for the last two tours will be joining us on bass. Former vocalist of CFTG, Drew, will be completing the line-up for the band. Fidel (Campos) will be returning to vocal duties in his previous band, Cyanide Era. We are now writing new material for Conducting From The Grave that should be posted online within the next couple months. We all believe that this decision is in our best interest as musicians and in our fans' best interest as well. We appreciate all of your support and we hope that all of you will continue to support us in these other musical projects."

Guitarist John Abernathy had the following to say about the decision: "In summation, it seemed that two years ago when us CFTG dudes joined with Shaun (Gier, vocals) and Mike that it was the best idea to solve both CFTG and With Passion's line up changes, but now since they have both quit and nothing is working out for us as far as tours and album promotion, it seems that this is the right time to let the name With Passion die. We will still continue to write metal together as Conducting From the Grave and play locally, but we don't plan on touring anytime soon. It's been good times and we appreciate all the support anyone has given to us and any previous line up of this band, and we hope to see as many of you at our last show as possible."

With Passion will play their final show on Saturday, September 22nd, at The Underground in Roseville, CA. Check out the band's Myspace page for more info.

Also, check out Conducting From The Grave and Cyanide Era at the following locations:
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With Passion Post Video For 'Pale Horses Ride' Online
April 28, 2007
With Passion's video for the track "Pale Horses Ride" has been posted online at Earache.com and YouTube.

Commented bassist Michael Nordeen: "We shot the live band shots in a parking garage in downtown Sacramento. The girl with the axe and TV scenes were shot on the Sacramento river about a week later. We did about 20 takes on the live shots, starting at about 7:00 p.m. and ending at about 1:00 a.m. We spent about three hours setting up and waiting for the sun to set prior to starting. Scott [Cramer, director] had multiple camera angles on rollers and hand shots. He also had about three photographers throughout the video shoot taking live stills. He was a great director to work with and was very easy going as well as open to our ideas. He made the video shoot fun. It turned out better than expected, with the effects and movement that he explained to us before shooting. He spent about two weeks editing it. He took the time to make a MySpace version of the song which looks great. We were definitely happy with the final product, especially after those long hours. Video shoots are long, and hard. I guess the best way to say it is, its harder work to fake playing your own music for hours than it really is to actually play the songs. All in all, it was a great experience!"

Director Scott Cramer explains how the video came about: "The story goes like this: I get a call somewhere mid-February from a producer from iLine Entertainment, a company that executive-produced a couple of music videos for me last year. He tells me that a record label in the U.K. is looking for me to do a music video and forwards me an e-mail from Ali at Earache. I guess he found me on some film festival website looking for local music video directors. I think he recognized some work I did with The Abominable Iron Sloth and Will Haven music videos.

"Anyway, I made up a concept based on some imagery floating around in my head when I was listening to the song that was given to me. I really wanted to do this slimy organic TV device that is growing out of the ground. It has these gas mask-like tentacles that has some kind of toxic smoke and is sending out propaganda. This thing wakes up this girl out of the water. Never establish if she's dead or alive. It's unknown. She finds it in the woods and gets seduced by it and entranced with what the device is transmitting. She ends up rejecting it, sees the evil in it, destroys it with an axe and returns to the river. All edited together with the band.

"Making the video was fun. The band is really a bunch of cool guys. They were really into it and trusted me with making something they would approve of. I told them that the last video I did, the band did 46 takes. For real. I shoot alot of takes. My experience with making band scenes is like trying to drive a car across country when you know it's gonna die on the way. I'll keep shooting and eventually the band or something is gonna stop it.

"We shot the band scene in a parking garage in downtown Sacramento. We got delayed about an hour when a security guard was not informed from the owners of the property about us shooting and dialed 911. The cops came. I explained the situation. Showed them my permits and insurance and that we were not gonna blow up the building. They left. The sun came down and it was on. We shot 'till almost 4 a.m. As we were wrapping up, the cops showed up again. This time with a disturbance call. But it was too late for the bastards. We were done and got away with it.

"Shooting the story stuff was really hard. All day I chased the sun. Ashlyn Kei Miyasaki is the living/dead girl in the video. She's a local actress here in Sacramento and I put her through hell. The Sacramento river is really cold right now. She freezed her ass off in that river. And then I had to pour water on her the whole shoot to keep the wet look. I felt so bad for her. The shit we do for art, huh?

"Anyway, got the video done in about four weeks. We shot it in HD and had a lot of post work with rotoscoping the footage into the TV and stuff. I gotta thank my crew for working for food. Without them it would of been a disaster. I'm really glad to have it done. No one died or got pregnant in the process. Good times. I hope to work with Earache again. They got some really cool music."

With Passion will release its sophomore Earache CD, 'What We See When We Shut Our Eyes', on May 8.
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With Passion Wrap Up Production On Video
March 14, 2007
Sacramento tech deathcore band With Passion wrapped up filming on a video for “Pale Horses Ride,” the first single from 'What We See When We Shut Our Eyes' displaying al of these gut-wrenching characteristics. Filmed in a dimly lit garage setting, With Passion stay close to their underground roots and visually portray vibrant portrait of their sought after live shows. Directed by Scott Cramer, the video recounts horrific scenes interwoven with shots of With Passion performing in a sparsely lit area – piecing together atmospheres that link the song, as well as the album together. View stills from the video shoot for “Pale Horses Ridehere.

With Passion’s 'What We See When We Shut Our Eyes' is now available on the US and UK Earache web store, including the video track for “Pale Horses Ride”. 'What We See When We Shut Our Eyes' is slated for release on May 8th in the US.

With Passion will be hitting the road with Iscariot and Architect this spring. Check out With Passion's myspace page for venue details.
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With Passion Prepare For Tour, Shoot Footage For Video
March 4, 2007
With Passion are set to hit the road with fellow tech-metallers Iscariot and Architect, conducting a comprehensive national tour, with plans to follow up in May with full support of Vital Remains and Light This City.

With Passion are making calculated strides to bring 'What We See When We Shut Our Eyes' to a broad audience of metal savants. Today (Sunday, March 4th), With Passion will be filming live material for a music video of their first single, “Pale Horses Ride.” Planned as dark and evocative, the shoot will capture the band’s live performance coupled with a horror themed storyline that is sure to accentuate the eerie sentiment of the song.

With Passion will be releasing their sophomore Earache release, 'What We See When We Shut Our Eyes' on May 8th.

Details on a release date for the video will be announced soon!
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With Passion Confirmed For California Metalfest
February 11, 2007
Sacramento-based technical metalcore outfit With Passion has been confirmed for this year's California Metalfest, set to take place March 31 – April 1 at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, California. Also scheduled to appear are Testament, Flotsam And Jetsam, Sadus, Necrophagist, Animosity and Severed Savior among many others.

For more information and ticket links, go to this location.

With Passion will release its new album, 'What We See When We Shut Our Eyes', on May 8 via Earache Records.

The track listing for the cd is as follows:

01. Pale Horse's Ride
02. Through the Smoke Lies a Path
03. What We See When We Shut Our Eyes
04. Triumph Over Tragedy
05. Tales of Sirens
06. Encryption
07. RJ MacReady
08. Forgotten Amongst Screams
09. Vengeance in Departure
10. A Road for the Worthy

With Passion has tapped renowned artist and musician Dave Quiggle to create the artwork for 'What We See When We Shut Our Eyes'. Quiggle is best known for of his in-house work at Facedown Records and past collaboration with such bands as Atreyu, A Life Once Lost, and Scars Of Tomorrow — all of which has landed on shirts sold through Hot Topic.

'What We See When We Shut Our Eyes', which features a guest appearance by The Red Chord vocalist Guy Kozowyk, was recorded at Mana Studios in Florida with Brian Elliott.
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HOME TOWN: Sacramento, CA
Fidel Campos - Vocals
Michael Nordeen - Bass
Jeff Morgan - Guitar
John Abernathy - Guitar
Greg Donnelly - Drums

One might expect Earache, for it's 300th release, to put out a compilation revisiting the classic, groundbreaking music comprising its hefty, diverse catalog -- perhaps a box set highlighting classic and rare tracks by Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Mortiis, and everyone in between. Instead the label comes forth with a much more fitting tricentennial release: the label debut by Northern California melodic-death tech-heads With Passion. Rather than gazing back into its hallowed past, Earache presents a band that represents the future of extreme music.Hailing from Sacramento, California, With Passion creates music inspired by the legends of European melodic death metal, from Dissection to At The Gates, as well as the best of the contemporary North American technical metal/hardcore crop, from Cryptopsy to Between The Buried And Me."In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil" is an EP, originally released in 2002 on Reflections Of Ruin Records. Over the course of 8 tracks (6 on the original release plus 2 new bonus tracks) of blistering, technical guitar leads, epic keyboards, and frenetic, precise blasting, With Passion delivers its musical statement in no uncertain terms. Young, hungry, and talented, With Passion weave their influences into a new hybrid sound, marked by both its furious technicality and its angst-ridden emotion. Too rooted in pure European metal and battle imagery to be classified as hardcore, yet possessing an earnest emotional side and youthful energy that endears them to that scene, With Passion carve out their own unique niche within extreme music.Upon its first release, "In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil" earned this review from ScenePointBlank.com: "Combining brutal fast paced velocity with relentless technical sonic booms and an underlying rising hand laced with triumph, what more could you ask for in a metal record?" Elsewhere on the web, Hardcoremusic.com described With Passion as "Unbelievably tight and technical, grind-influenced, melody-tinged metalcore".In the months prior to Earache's upcoming re-release of the EP, standout track "Train Wreck Orchestra" has been included on Earache's comp CD, "Metaltracks" (available free with the February 2005 issue of Metal Hammer). The response to this track has been overwhelming and With Passion are currently being booked for a full coast-to-coast US tour with such bands as The Autumn Offering, The Acacia Strain and Into The Moat.