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Whorecore Changes Name To They : Swarm
January 3, 2008
Belgian/Tel Aviv Deathgrinders Whorecore, which feature in their ranks Sven De Caluwe (Aborted) on vocals, have issued the following brief update via their Myspace page:

"The name "Whorecore" is no more. As of today this band will be known as "They : Swarm". New page in the next few hours alongside a New Tune.
Drop by. "

Whorecore was in the process of finishing up the mastering process for their debut ep that was to be entitled 'The Mundayne Corruption'. No word on whether or not the ep will see the light of day. Updates will be posted on the new They Swarm myspace page.
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Whorecore Post Two New Songs Online
August 1, 2007
Belgian/Israeli deathcore miscreants Whorecore have just released two songs from their upcoming 'The Mundane Corruption' EP, which was mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere) at Smart 'n Hard studios in Denmark. The material marks the recording debut of vocalist Sven De Caluwť (Aborted) with the band and shows a more mature and devastating approach than the group's well-received debut album, 'Protection', which came out two years ago.

Whorecore is currently completing the songwriting process for its upcoming full-length album, which the band expects to record later this year.

For more information and audio samples, visit www.myspace.com/wxcore.
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HOME TOWN: Gent,Belgium/Tel Aviv, mavet Israel
sven de caluwe -vocals
mr. jones - vocals
assaf meiden - drums
eran segal - guitar
nir doliner - guitar
evil haim - bass

Whorecore was formed in early 2003, by Nir Doliner (guitar), Tomer Jones (vocals), Assaf Meidan (drums), Ariel Ron (vocals), Eran Segal (guitar), and Yaron Shacham (Bass). Shortly after the band had its initial line up in order they started playing as much shows as possible with total disregard to the type of venue or their own personal safety on stage. After intense months of playing (and injuries) the band gathered audiences ranging from metal to punk and hardcore scenes, and through that process earned their name as one of Israel's best live acts. In early 2004 Haim Binyami came in to replace yaron on the bass position. In January of 2006 the band self released their debut cd "protection" in Israel, and on April went on a tour in europe with Macabre and Jungle Rot. After having parted ways with original vocalist Ariel, the band took in long time friend Sven De Caluwe (of Aborted and Leng Tche) and returned to the classic two vocalist line up. The band is currently completing the writing process of their follow up record that is set to be recording in mid 2007.