Welcome To Your Life
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There Is No Turning Back
HOME TOWN: Orange County, CA

Alright I'll try to make this as short a possible. Once upon a time there was an O.C. band called Show Of Hands that Steve sang for. After years of enjoying there music and singing along, Itow weaseled his way into the band playing bass. But to make the band even better they found this kid from Chicago, who had just moved out here, named Vijay. With that line up they were ready to take on the world. Vijay picked up on the songs real quick(not like they were hard) and played some shows. Acually he played two and a half to be truthful. They sounded better and tighter then ever. So they started writing their full length. Nine songs done and getting better Donny ruined everything. He got this sudden and unexpected change of heart and quit(DICK). Itow, Vijay, and Steve weren't giving up. They all liked playing music together to much. So right there that same night Welcome To Your LIfe was concieved. Now was the shitty task of finding members the could play the style of music we wanted to move onto. We had a couple people in mind but only a few stood out. One which was a friend of ours named Tommy. He was playing in a few local bands at the time which kinda concerned us, about how much time he would have for practice and that sort of thing. But we employed him anyways. Which was a great move on our part. He ended up being a huge influence in the band. Now for a drummer. This was the hardest thing the band has had to do so far. Not a fun time. We spent about three months looking for someone. We tried out a few people, but none of them seemed to work. Meanwhile our friends in Adamantium had gone through the same problem and they gave us a few numbers. One was to a guy named Aaron Rosi. So we gave him a go. The first practice was sketchy. Some of us got scared. But others weren't. So we kept with him, and he really worked out well. We got under way and started writing. We got four songs that we felt good with and went to record them. That was a long day, but it was worth it. And so there we were. Demo done, and out of our way. We then decided it was time to open ourselves up to the pulbic. We played our first show on November 24th at Chain Reaction. Despite being nervous as shit we played pretty damn well, and got alot of positive reactions. So with that out if the way we got started. We wrote one more song and were ready to record our first 7". And then out of the blue Aaron quit on us. His story was that he was starting some metal band, and that they were talking to major labels. We never heard anything about that band again. But that still doesn't solve our problem at hand. No Drummer, again. Now one of Tommy's other bands had just broken up and they had this kid playing for them. We all knew him and knew he could play what we wanted. The only problem was would he play for us, and did we want some one that looked like HIM playing for us (photo to right). But despite all these questionable aspects, we came to an agreement. He came in the band, learned all the songs in about three practices, and went in to record the "Let It Wash Away" 7 inch in less than a month in the band. Awesome. We couldn't have asked for anything better. He has done nothing but amaze us ever since. So this is where we are now. We finally have the line up that we were looking for. Five guys having fun and playing music. We are currently writing our 1st full length for Indecision records. It will be titled, "There's No Turning Back". Keep an eye out for it. We are pretty close to being done. So expect it out in the spring of next year. Plus we are planing our first U.S. tour this summer. We hope to see all of you when we are in your town. Keep rockin.