Watch Them Die
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Bastard Son

Watch Them Die
HOME TOWN: Oakland, CA
Pat Vigil (vocals)
Greg Valencia (guitar)
Jase (guitar)
Pat Mello (bass)
Ira (drums)

Oakland-based purveyors of violence, WATCH THEM DIE, have crafted a stunning new offering, Bastard Son , which is a multi-layered exploration of anger, pain, loss and redemption. The highly anticipated new offering, mixed by Tue Madsen (Heaven Shall Burn, Himsa, The Haunted), will quickly silence the critics while garnering a whole new legion of rabid followers. Formed in early 2000, this maniacal quintet rose from the ashes of several highly influential underground bands (Grimple, Schlong, ELDOPA (aka: 1332), Word Salad, Buzzov-en and OjoRojo), determined to unleash the most abrasive and in-your-face music possible, a soundtrack of violence that would make even the strongest of men cower in fear. WATCH THEM DIE released their self-titled debut offering in 2003 and quickly caught the attention of the underground metal community due to their energetic and sometimes violent live shows. The group proceeded to tour relentlessly behind the album with such acclaimed acts as Black Dahlia Murder, GWAR, High On Fire, Lacuna Coil and Vital Remains, among others. Whether you're talking about legendary speed pioneers like Exodus or masters of heaviness like Sleep and Neurosis, the Bay Area has always been a breeding ground for various forms of extreme music and expression. WATCH THEM DIE have fearlessly positioned themselves as heirs to this crushing tradition of excellence, confronting a metal heritage that has left many an inferior band swimming in their own blood and excrement. With Bastard Son , WATCH THEM DIE have raised the bar, crafting a record that will be a formidable calling card on their planned two-year obliteration of the U.S. Their metal crusade begins this summer with a two-month trek supporting Soilent Green. The group delivers a multi-dimensional, unapologetic reflection of reality that is definitely not for the weak or timid. Bastard Son is simply raw metal violence unleashed.