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Vile Guitarist Posts Message: 'The END of America is Here!"
June 13, 2007
Colin Davis of the Californian brutal death metallers Vile has posted the following message on the band's MySpace page:

"It's time to gear up people, its time to gear up...

"I do a lot of personal research about what is going on in this country and in the world right now. Thank God, we live in an amazing age where information that was never available to us, now is. I've talked about a lot of things in these blogs. Spirituality, government corruption, many things. But this blog is about getting prepared for what is coming to us Americans.

"Unconsciously, we all know what is coming. Nobody in their right mind would argue that the civilization is not in freefall. A lot of people that will be reading this are not old enough to remember anything else. And even I have not seen things near perfect at all. None of us have. But what we are seeing now is pure evil rearing its head right in the daylight.

"The only reason why most of us are not running for the hills is the damn good job the media is doing distracting us and lying to us. The entire system as it stands and as it is being built depends on us being ignorant. They have to keep us in the dark or the entire economy will fall before its time and the people will riot in the streets before they have the military means to control it.

"The end of America is here. You've noticed that business are failing or moving offshore. This is going to increase rapidly. You know that tens of millions of illegals are allowed to swarm us. You have heard of the massive police and government corruption. You know that we have supported dictators and slave states. You know that the Middle East wars are not about freedom but about control of the earth and its resources for a tiny elite. You know that 9/11 was perpetrated by insiders. You know that the politicians are bought out and are selling us out. You know that international corporations are bidding for the remaining scraps that was America. You know that the media is trying to brainwash us with lies and desensitize us to evil.

"What you don't know is that the illegals are being purposely let in to displace us. The elites know they can control an illiterate, third-world population better than us. What you don't know is that the banking families are behind all the 20th century wars including the present ones. What you don't know is that millions of Americans have been subjected to illegal and immoral mind control experiments by the CIA. What you don't know is that the CPS (Child Protective Services) are abducting and drugging thousands of children in this country every year and that they are running child-prostitution rings in this country. What you don't know is that military contractors are behind international child kidnapping rings and prostitution rings worldwide. And that people in our own government are supporting these groups. What you don't know is that the CIA is behind all the heroin and cocaine being shipped into this country and elsewhere. You haven't head on the news about the 800 fully manned and equipped detention centers all over this country that are empty and waiting for YOU! You, the rebel that will not go along when you find out what is happening. Tens of millions of us have a space waiting for us in a FEMA camp. You didn't know that there is an elite group of individuals that have, over the past 100 years, taken control of all the reins of power and their goal is to destroy America and then use it to police the entire world. They have a vision of a world-wide totalitarian government and all this corruption actually aids them. They actually support it in one way or another. Often blatantly.

"Remember Hitler and Germany? Remember Stalin and Russia? Remember Mao and China? Now add America to that list. It's here, folks. You've never had to go without food or water. Boo hoo. You're about to. You've never had to worry about what you will do to survive next week. You're about to. Time to wake up!!!

"There is no doubt in my mind and in the minds of those that study this that America is now over. It's a done deal. Dead and gone. Our legal system is corrupt to the core and its not coming back folks. There is only one hope. And that is that enough people get the courage to research this for themselves and spread the word. Then we will have a chance that the darkness will come and go more quickly. We WILL live in a police state, but we just don't know how long it will last.

"There WILL be another terrorist attack perpetrated on us by 'Al Queda.' There WILL be foreign military on our streets telling us we cannot leave the area. There WILL be limits on who can leave this country and for how long. There WILL be limits to what you can do and say in this country. In fact, everything I have mentioned is already under way. It's all here and is being seen in limited form. It's just a matter of time before the average Joe sees it everyday.

"It's time to wake up, people. You DO NOT have the right to ignore this. You DO NOT have the right to live your life without this knowledge. You are an American. It is your DUTY to resist invasion. Now you must decide what you will do. We are not all front line warriors. But you must join the resistance in some way or serve humanity by helping to design the new world once this is over. Be an educator, be a promoter, write songs, write lyrics, blog. Tell your friends and family, do something!

"And if this blog makes no sense to you, that means you need to come up to speed, and do it fast!!

"My suggestion is that you start with A-l-e-x-J-o-n-e-s. I have to obscure his name because there is a program that MySpace uses to censor this man's name. There are others MySpace censors too like presidential candidate R-o-n-P-a-u-l. The man that owns MySpace is one of these globalists and he is a hater of America and all it stands for. So he is making it harder for us to use MySpace to communicate the important issues. The website for A-l-e-x is Remove dashes. There is a link there to listen to his internet radio broadcasts. They are repeated 24/7. Start listening, start educating yourself about what is going down. DO IT NOW! There is no time. There is a noose around your neck. Its time to wake up or there will be nothing left and I will be thrown in prison for saying these things. There is a time coming very soon when I will seriously consider whether or not I am safe to say these things. Even now it worries me. But there is no choice...."
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Vile Guitarist Issues Update Regarding Previous Statement
January 1, 2007
Guitarist Colin Davis of the Californian brutal death metallers Vile has issued a follow-up message elaborating on his previous announcement that the group's forthcoming recorded output "will not focus on death anymore":

"A lot of people messaged about this and I really appreciate the thoughts [everyone has] offered. They make me think and I'm glad [they] are helping me to think this through. But let me add a couple comments that might clarify some things.

"[People] are right about how this music is used as a release. I also find it fascinating how this process works differently with each person. And I want to say that I am not thinking that this music should not exist, or its 'brutality' in a musical or sonic sense should lessen. What I am thinking is that this music can evolve into something that still allows people to release angst and negativity, but then actually gives something back. Instead of feeding into a negative field, it should be possible to actually channel this but not build it up higher. I also want to say that most people do not know how powerful they are. They have been purposely misled to believe that they have very little power to effect themselves and others. They have been taught that scholars, doctors, religious leaders or political leaders are more capable people. That we should leave the more important matters to them. And that what they say is real or valid, we should believe.

"I say 'jump in a lake.' They are not leaders, they are mis-leaders. We have to understand the subconscious mind. They do! We have to understand that what we see and think with out aware ego-brain is only 5-10 percent of what we actually perceive. Our subconscious mind picks up every word, it analyzes them forward and backwards and compares every word in our vernacular to them for relations. It takes anagrams and backwords words and turns them around. We also have a genetic memory that is millions of years old. It also resonates with words, sounds, colors, terms, pictures, symbols. All of this goes into us and helps to change what we are as a whole. This is why thinking can change everythng around you. And this is why when others think negatively in your direction, you are molded by those thoughts. But this can be mitigated if we are aware of how we work and how others try to manipulate us. And this all comes back to my original blog about how we are responsible for everything we do, say, think and also how we are changed by what others do or say or think. This is where I have to take personal responsibility and use some thought to try to change this music from something that serves one or two purposes to something that serves many more."
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Vile Guitarist Comments On lyrical Content
January 1, 2007
Guitarist Colin Davis of the Californian brutal death metallers Vile has issued the following update:

"I think that it's time that we all take a good look at what death metal is all about. What is our attraction to this type of music, why do we have it and what influence does it have on us and others?

"Of course, I can only speak for myself, but I think that some of my reasons will resonate with others. For one, I am attracted to the musicianship but also I am attracted to the fact that what we do is rebellious. It's not paid much attention to by the mainstream.

"Why does that matter to me? Well, since I was young I have always felt that there is something wrong with the way people follow what is popular. So in turn, I rebelled against that and devoted my time to something that was shunned. It's a way of expressing personal freedom in a world that is increasingly becoming less able to think and act individually.

"But honestly, I have never been attracted to the gory, bloody aspect of death metal's subject matter. Some of us in this band were indeed attracted to that and Vile has had this included into its personality as a band.

"But I have to tell you that now that those people are not in this band, it's not going to continue on that way. I cannot say exactly how Vile will evolve, but I can tell you that it will not focus on death anymore.

"Looking at the [MySpace] profiles for many of the friends of this band, I often wonder why they are so attracted to this dark aspect of the psyche. I wonder what it is that makes them want to have pictures of decapitated people and disembowelments, etc. on their personal profiles. Is this a reflection of part of themselves or is this a reflection of the society that is forming around us? Maybe both?

"Honestly, 99 percent of us would be permanently scarred for life if we were to encounter these gory scenes in our normal life. Are we using these images and words to try to invoke some kind of inner feeling, something that makes us feel alive in a world that is trying to kill our souls on a daily basis? It's worth thinking about.

"I want to tell all of you that your thoughts are energy. They are energy that actually manifest into reality. There are people on this planet that feed on death and negative energy. They are sitting in the corridors of power and at the tops of power hierarchies. For thousands of years, these occultists have fomented wars for money, power and to feed their insatiable appetite for negativity.

"Despite what we have been taught by the liars, humans do not have to act like animals. That can be trained and bred to work together or to kill each other. It's a choice that is made by those in control and also by us, the sheep. They have made the choice to keep the negativity flowing and even to increase it to levels so high, that eventually we will beg for protection from them.

"When we understand how we are being controlled and brainwashed, then we can see that our thoughts, our intentions either help them or hurt them. Do we want to help a group that is committed to sacrificing our bodies, souls, and minds?

"If you don't understand the origins of what I am discussing here, it may sound confusing. But once you understand these concepts, then you have only one choice. Either continue to feed the negative field which in turn kill us, or reverse the process and help return humanity to being a sacred and divine manifestation on this planet. You are not an object, a consumer or an 'empty container,' as our leaders refer to us as. You are a divine hologram, a unique manifestation of the infinite creative consciousness that some call God. You have the ability to make everything you think and feel come true. And you can either learn to use this for your own progress and the progress of mankind, or you can join the psychopaths and continue to feed the beast. Yes, you are a rebel, you always have been and always will be. But why prove it in a way that only helps destroy us all? Being a rebel is something that is in our minds, not in the way we dress, the music we listen to or anything external.

"These days, do you really think you are being a rebel by worshipping death? Brutal death is now so common! A rebel in this day and age would actually worship love, and respect for others, don't you agree? Do you realize that the vast majority of humans live on pennies a day on dirt floors? That tens of thousands die needlessly everyday in a brutal way? Can you imagine your own brother or sister, mother or father dying by any of the brutal ways that we discuss in our death metal lyrics? Well, these are not just morbid fantasies, these are real. You can bet that each twisted description of death in our lyrics and pictures is actually happening hundreds of times every day to worthwhile and kind people. People that are just as worthy of a respectable and happy life as we are.

"In many places and for many people, the world is a nasty, nasty brutal place and we sit over here and fantasize about how death will manifest or how we might feel if we encountered one of these brutal killings in person. Will you take the time to actually analyze this for five minutes in silence or will you just go back to the distractions so that you don't have to think?

"Given that this is the world we live in, shouldn't we reconsider what it is we choose to carry in our psyches and what kinds of thoughts we put out into the world? There is a lot to say about how our thoughts manifest and how they feed the energies of this planet, but let's just say that what you put out, you get back. That's the universal law of attraction. That's what karma is based on.

"I don't know about you, but for me, I am not going to continue to keep feeding this beast and then expecting bliss on this planet or in my own personal experience. I am going to start putting out what I want to get back. I am responsible for my own happiness and I am also responsible for the sickness in this world and only when I take on that responsibility can I then learn what will change what I don't like and what will feed and manifest what I do want."
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California's Bay Area is whimpering for mercy as Vile bludgeon their way from stage to stage. No one opposes their ferocity and conviction. Make way for a band whose pure power and originality is putting them at the forefront of the death metal underground. Vile is a continuing vision of brutality, as seen through the eyes of some of the sickest and most dedicated minds in the scene. "Depopulate" is the title of their sophmore release. It contains classic material that is solidifying their place in history. Nine songs, professionally produced by band members Colin Davis and Juan Urteaga, deliver a brutal assault that combines high speed, musical prowess, and raw guttural power. This album is not a quick attempt to release a product. These songs are well thought out and have a real sense of anger and conviction. If you get the chance to see Vile perform live you won't forget it. They leave a sonic footprint that is aurally devastating. Down tuned for sludge factor but picking sixteenths with ferocity, guitarists Colin Davis and Aaron Strong precisely cut you in half. Strong's solos combine aggressive whammy bar "Hell Winds", with technical virtuosity almost unheard of these days in death metal. Drummer Tyson Jupin describes his intents: "My goals are to be able to play as fast as possible, but not loose my sense of groove and feel." Those goals are fully apparent on this new release. Juan Urteaga responds to a question about his vocal training, "Hey lick my Balls, eh?" That sums him up. No seriously, this man has power, and a strong presence on stage. He commands! The band was formed in 1996 when local bands Thanatopsis, Entropy, Lords of Chaos, and Sporadic Psychosis simultaneously separated. Guitarist Colin Davis rounded up a few of the best and founded Vile. They released 2 demos between '96 and '97 with second guitarist Jim Tkacz. In November of '97 they toured with fellow music murderers Deeds of Flesh. That tour started a buzz that carried them well. In 1999 Vile released the classic album “Stench of the Deceased”. “Stench” combined death metal power and rage with their patented groove. “Stench” is known in death metal circles as an album of the highest quality. This year Vile finally get the chance to show what hard work and real talent can do. Vile has finally released “Depopulate” on the masses. A partnership with the infamous Listenable Records has been struck. Listenable and Vile share the same standards when it comes to making things happen. Vile looks forward to a profitable future with them. A second deal with the ultra brutal Unique Leader Records will insure proper distribution in North America. Worldwide touring will inevitably occur as the popularity of Vile increases.