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Album Releases

Cast The First Stone
HOME TOWN: Brooklyn, NY
Tom Cummings (vocals) Michael Kontaras (guitar) Steve Perlmutter (bass) Jim Donovan (drums)

The band “VEXT.” Originally derived from four neighborhood friends realizing that they were put on this earth to play music to the best of their ability.  To extract from their souls, the very essence of connecting all types of sounds to all types of minds.  Through numerous band names and musical dispositions, the sounds of “VEXT.” Emerged from their experiences of real life, and the determination to be one of the greatest bands the world has ever seen. Playing music together in Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn, NY, at thirteen years old, bassist, Steve Perlmutter and drummer Jim Donovan developed a backbone of the band that is now extremely tight.  Meeting up with guitarist, Michael Kontaras a few years later, the three young friends instantly connected as a rock solid rhythm section and were in search of a vocalist.  In March of 1996, Tom Cummings was introduced to Steve, Jim, and Mike, through a mutual friend as a singer/songwriter. The band then went on to stun audiences all over the tri-state area as to how hey were so young but yet so talented. “VEXT.” Went on to play hundreds of live shows since then with the likes of bands such as E-town Concrete, 40 Below Summer, Ill Nino, Candiria, Hatebreed, Chimaira, God Forbid, Burnt By The Sun, Shadows Fall, and Killswitch Engage.  Along with headlining many of their own shows, “VEXT.” Has won numerous battle of the bands.  With their first (self released) EP, “The Climb Engaged” – 2000, the band received a lot of unsolicited airplay including rotation on 89.5 WSOU, and have sold about 8,000 copies of their album. In mid 2003, “VEXT.” Signed an exclusive recording agreement with Lakeshore Records and the bands first full length album “Cast The First Stone” was recorded.  The LP was tracked and mixed at Brooklyn’s legendary Purple Light Studios, co engineered by Ken Schalk (drummer of Candiria), and produced by its resident genius Michael Barile (Candiria, E-town, 40 Below Summer, and Agents of Man).  The album was mastered at Masterdisk by Roger Lian (Slayer, Mariah Carey, LL Cool J, Faith Hill, and Metallica). The level of dedication within “VEXT.” can be no greater.  Playing energetic, powerful live shows and writing music from the soul have been and will always be the greatest passions of “VEXT.”