Vehement Serenade
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HOME TOWN: Brooklyn/Queens/Syracuse, NY
Karl - Vocals
Jamin - Guitar
Mike - Bass
Eddie - Guitar
Pauly - Drums

A Hybrid of many musical back rounds, Vehement Serenade have formed to create a MONSTER of Energy! Fusing Melodic Discord into a Melting point of style & influence, VS ignites both Passion & Fury.  All Journeymen of their Trade, VS has UNITED to EMBRACE THE OUTCAST of ALL Underground Sub-Cultures!!!!    
VS is NOT a Genre or a Statistic. VS is NOT just a metal/rock band, or mere experimental outfit. Vehement Serenade is a Lustfully Violent Musical Endeavor, a celebration of Rebel Music & Venomous Truths. VS is a Spiritual Exorcism of the senses, Life, Death, and the balance BETWEEN SEASONS. VS is a Force to be Reckoned with!!  
Welcoming the differences that make individuals and perspectives unique, Vehement Serenade is a Place of Solace for: Rebels, Individualists, Outcasts, Non-conformists, the Unloved, Innovators, Opponents, the Unwanted, Renegades, Ragers, and Experimentalists. Despite Race, Religion, Sex, Age, Diet, Wealth, Rank, or Lifestyle, we can respect each other through Major & Crucial similarities over petty and minor differences.  The Membership of VS is a testimony to this belief, and that Humanity can strive for Higher Ground! VS Against all Obstacles to Triumph & Overcome!

(Our Creed)
Expected to Fail or Self Destruct to Break under all of the Badluck
To Overdose from Misery, They always Look but they never See
Prove that we have the Courage to Last
Won't turn my back Embrace the Outcast
Been Pushed Aside or left Behind, Different Approaches for Different Minds
Now Forward thinking now Freedom Bound, Called on by more than Style or Sound   

..........The Strength to Rise above the strife, we are the ones who reclaim our lives!