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A History Of Saints
Vanisher Exclusive Track Streaming Online
September 10, 2010
Well, there are always those questionable bits of info you get that you have to decide whether or not they're worth posting, mostly because while this entire Metal internet/website/blog community is supposed to be... well, communal... most times it just isn't and other sites/blogs won't post ANYTHING that is attached to another site/blog that's not a part of their 'coveted' network. Yup, you get cold shouldered and snubbed as if they're that much better/cooler than you are because... well who the fuck knows what their reasons are, but yeah, it happens more often than not.

Anyhow, because I dig this band so much and because we DID in fact feature them ages ago, back when they were known as Zero System, I felt the need to post this little bit of info so those who still aren't familiar with them can become familiar with them.

Check out an exclusive track from Vanisher, streaming at some other site...
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HOME TOWN: North Carolina
Adam Cody - Vocals
Kyle Odell - Guitar
Justin Reich - Vocals/Bass
Andrew Gore - Drums

Vanisher is a band that started by accident. Two years ago when guitarist Kyle Odell was wrapping up a years worth of constant touring with his band Bloodjinn, he decided to start writing again. Not sure of the direction that the sound was going he started working with current Bloodjinn vocalist Joel Collins on what would become the band Zero System. Collins reeled in the singing and bass talent of then Glass Casket fill in guitar player Justin Reich and the music started to take shape. After months of pre-production, Collins decided to part from Zero System to dive deeper into his record label and promotions company. Leaving this spot open, Reich contacted Glass Casket vocalist Adam Cody to fill the void of front man and a new direction was formed for the band.

The music was more aggressive, but more sharp & precise than the original radio metal groove Zero System was initially carving for itself. With this change and with their then drummer Trey Harding moving on to start a family, the moniker Zero System had run it's course.

With the addition of Andrew Gore on drums, his song writing skills and multi-talented music abilities really moved the founding members to start fresh.

Vanisher was a name change of purpose.

Now the band is busier than ever gearing up for their release with Tribunal Records. In a interview with vocalist/bassist Justin Reich states "We really couldn't be happier with the current state of this band...for a while there things were looking kind of bleak and we really felt like everything we were doing was just, well fake. Nothing made sense. Everything with Vanisher from the newer songs that we are writing to the older Zero System songs we are revamping seems to finally click. We are doing this because it is what we love to do, not what someone else wants us to do. Now with Tribunal working with us, we really feel like this is our niche and can't wait to see what grows from it"