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Until The End Line Up New Vocalist
May 21, 2004
Until The End have parted ways with vocalist Mean Pete due to Pete's current commitment to Remembering Never. The split was amicable and both sides insist there is no bad blood between the two sides. UTE has now lined up James McHugh to handle all the vocal duties for the band, including the recording of their new album. The band will enter Studio 13 with producer Jeremy Staska to begin work on their new album, which is set for a late summer/early fall release through Eulogy Recordings.
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HOME TOWN: South Florida
James McHugh (vocals)
John Wylie (guitar)
Sir Richard Walbert (guitar)
Dan Mazin (bass)
Jason BadGuy (drums)

Until the End formed in January of 2000, due to the necessity for a sXe hardcore band in South Florida with a modern twist. The band aspires to pass on their ideals they formed growing up, playing the music they love, and returning an affirmative message to the scene. Until The End is a favorite in South Florida, with an enormous fanbase. They are probably most known for their unruly shows with wild crowd participation and enthusiasm that is hard to forget. Its members are derived from some of the most celebrated hardcore bands to date. BadGuy was a member of punk legends Against All Authority and The Judas Factor.Chip works at Blockbuster and plays guitar for All Hell Breaks Loose. John was in Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Culture, and Morning Again. James also sings for Kiss The Barrel. In addition, John and Dan spend the majority of their time running Eulogy Recordings. Until The End’s debut Eulogy release ”Blood In The Ink”, is a testament to the bands growth and fine-tuning. With throaty, deep vocals and a host of memorable songs with great sing-along potential, UTE may be compared to the likes of Hatebreed, Sepultura, Machinehead and Death Threat. The songs are harsh and sudden, with polished guitar riffs that convey their strong personal beliefs and convictions. UTE remains a dedicated force in the hardcore scene, with a tenacious grasp on ethical lifestyle and loyalty among its five members.