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Album Releases


Makeshift Grey
HOME TOWN: San Francisco, Ca
Paul Mendoza (vocals/guitar)
Eric Wong (bass)
Thom Tucker (keyboards)
Russel Tabayoyon (guitar)
Brian Palkowski (drums)

Located in the heart of San Francisco is a legendary music scene known for its hooky rhythms, world-class aggression, and visionary talents. It is called the Bay Area. Over the years, fans have been witness to a multitude of incredible talents that have been spawned from the Bay Area, including the likes of Machine Head, Skinlab, 40 Grit, Systematic, Stitch, 26 MPH, Wurkt, The Council and many more acts that are too numerous to name. With the turn of the new millennium upon us, it is time for the return of one of the oldest, yet newest acts to grace our presence. They call themselves Unjust… Originated in 1990, Unjust was the brainchild of two thirteen year old school friends, vocalist/guitarist Paul Mendoza and guitarist Russell Tabayoyon. Fueled by their youthful vitality & rebellious confidence, Unjust created a stir in the Bay Area music scene, creating a solid reputation for their explosive onstage performances & dynamic appeal. Yet, like a double-edged sword, Unjust received very little press or credibility outside their local music scene due to their age. This merely drove the band to become more determined & focused than ever before. Family, friends, money, nor offers from other bands like the Deftones could deter Unjust from their present course with Destiny. Led by the hands of fate, Unjust continued creating heartfelt music and playing tremendous live shows that continuously added new followers to their strong & loyal fanbase. During this period, Unjust met up with the rest of the pieces to their puzzle. From the band Nueairea, Unjust added the explosive talents of drummer Brian Palkowski, while the experience & precision of Bay Area bassist Eric Wong, former Heathen, Piranha, and Laughing Dead member joined collectively with latest edition, keyboardist Thom Tucker (Impact) to create a dynamic syntax of colliding forces. Combining their vast range of musical influences & creative visions into a dynamic collective, Unjust released their debut album, Thin Line Emotions in March 1999 through Dutch label Mascot Records. Though limited to just a European release, Unjust received rave reviews by the likes of Kerrang! and Terrorizer fueled by their performance at The Dynamo Open Aire Festival in Holland. Following the release, the band went on a tear, unleashing their explosive energy & sincere aggression on any audiences that would dare to experience them, opening new avenues of press & exposure. This included notice from EA Sports, which included Unjust’s song, Searching Eyes on their top-selling Playstation game, Road Rash 4. Since 1990, Unjust has been experiencing an ongoing metamorphosis that has seen the band evolve from their Bay Area/Metallica crunch, to their current modern/Faith No More-influenced styling initiated by the addition of keyboardist Thom Tucker. Traversing the realms of emotional aggression contrasted by musical creativity, Unjust is a lush atmosphere of haunting melodies, explosive ambiance, expansive keyboards, and mind-expanding vocals. Though traces of the youth-invigorated Unjust of 1990 still remains, with the year 2000, the band was reborn as an entirely different entity promising a whole new world of experiences. To capture the newfound beauty & energy of Unjust’s latest creations, the band turned to Producer/Engineer Mark Keaton and Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California for recording sessions while Peter Brussé and the Q-Point Digital Audio in Hilversum, The Netherlands handled the mastering duties. The result is a masterpiece of an album, entitled Makeshift Grey featuring the latest evolution of Unjust. Combining riveting musicianship with superlative songwriting, the maturity & creativity of Unjust shines forth through dark, epic, and harmonious songs like Come Feel Me, The Sick In You, and Nylon, marking Makeshift Grey as one of the few albums that will take listeners to heightened new worlds of emotion while leaving their senses in a state of complete disarray. Founded through friendship & youthful aggression, Unjust has climbed through the ranks of the unknown to firmly establish their claim of the music world. Primed for success, Unjust is only steps away from making the world their own…