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Album Releases

Worst Case Scenario
HOME TOWN: Halmstad, Sweden
Lenne - Vocals
Marco - Guitar
Jonas - Guitar
Jimmy - Bass
Fredde - Samples
Doffe - Drums

Hailing from Halmstad, Sweden - Twelvestep is a name to remember. Formed in 2004 as a side project, the journey has taken them to release a highly anticipated debut album in 2008. From world famous producers to touring with Bullet for My Valentine, prepare for the Twelvestep story!

With wall shaking riffs and vocals filled with anger and emotion, Twelvestep brings you their interpretation and view on the world and every day issues. They formed in 2004 as a side project, consisting of already well established musicians from other Swedish rock and metal bands.

Very soon they discovered that this was their call, and started recording their first demos on their own. After selling thousands of copies of their two first demos, they were approached by Pure Rock Entertainment, and ended up signing a deal with them.

Their debut album “Worst Case Scenario” is produced and mixed by world famous producer Rickard Bengtsson, known for his work with bands like Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, Opeth and Mortis.

Twelvestep are famous for their extremely energetic live performances. Venues are sold out when they play, because people know it will get wild. They are also one of few bands that actually brings their fans with them when they perform out of the country. They have, on several occasions, brought busloads of fans when performing in Denmark.

Their energetic live performances caught the attention of The Agency Group, who put them on the Scandinavian tour with U.K. based metal band Bullet For My Valentine. They received rave reviews from fans and press, and they were all wondering the same thing: Where did these guys come from?

After only a couple of months on MySpace, the band had thousands of friends. Nowadays they have tens of thousands of friends, with people adding them daily, and asking when they will visit their city. Pure Rock Entertainment has uploaded 6 songs on MySpace, and the fans are loving it!

Their debut album “Worst Case Scenario” was released Feb 21, 2008, and is available through their label, iTunes worldwide, and most major digital networks in USA, such as Rhapsody, Amazon, eMusic etc.

Twelvestep are currently available for booking and licensing. Contact us for more information.