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A Perfect Circle Returns!
September 14, 2010
A Perfect Circle have returned from their self-imposed hiatus. The band, led by Maynard James Keenan (Tool, Puscifer) and Billy Howerdel (Ashes Divide), will embark on a five-city tour this fall (dates and ticket on-sale information will be announced shortly).

Shows in Phoenix (Marquee Theatre), Los Angeles (Avalon), Seattle (Showbox at The Market) and San Francisco (The Fillmore) will be three-night stops with each night featuring one of A Perfect Circle's three albums in its entirety (Mer de Noms, Thirteenth Step and eMOTIVe). Las Vegas (The Pearl) will be a two-night outing (Mer de Noms and Thirteenth Step). The band will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Oct. 27.

A Perfect Circle have sold four million records in the U.S. After the band announced their hiatus in 2005, Keenan focused on Tool , launched the multimedia project Puscifer and worked on his burgeoning Arizona vineyards. Howerdel went on to form Ashes Divide who released their debut album, 'Keep Telling Myself It's Alright', in 2008.

Follow A Perfect Circle Online:
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'Blood Into Wine' DVD/Blu-Ray Release Pushed Back
April 19, 2010
The DVD/Blu-Ray release of 'Blood Into Wine', the critically-acclaimed documentary about Tool/Puscifer front man Maynard James Keenan and his Arizona wine exploits, has moved to Sept. 4.

Demand for theatrical screenings in both the U.S. and internationally have far surpassed the film company's (Dreamy Draw Releasing) initial expectations with engagements in over fifty U.S. cities to date with more being announced daily. International screenings will begin over the summer.

The DVD/Blu-Ray release will have several bonus features including segments on Sacred Geometry, additional footage with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (of Adult Swim's Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) and a live Puscifer montage.

Blood Into Wine focuses on Keenan and vineyard partner Eric Glomski as they attempt to revolutionize the U.S. wine industry by creating a new wine region in Northern Arizona. The film also features Milla Jovovich, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim as well as live music performances and comedy.

Quotes about Blood Into Wine:

"The frisson between his [Keenan] well-crafted personal mystique and the way the film presents him as a dedicated new winemaker learning his craft is intriguing." - Los Angeles Times

"...a rock 'n roll version of Sideways." -

"As Blood into Wine makes clear, the 45-year-old Mr. Keenan isn't a musical celebrity who lent his name to a product. He gets down into the soil to plant and destem vines and pick grapes. He's learned oenology with painstaking deliberation." - Wall St. Journal

"It's a behind-the-curtain peek at a notoriously publicity-shy celebrity, but more than that, it's a fascinating look at pioneers braving the Arizona elements to create drinkable art." - San Diego CityBeat

Upcoming screenings:
4/21 - Philadelphia, PA - The Balcony at The Trocadero
4/22 - DC - Arlington Drafthouse
4/22 - Honolulu, HI - Honolulu International Film Festival
4/23 to 4/29 - Cincinnati, OH - Mariemont Theatre
4/28 - Tucson, AZ - The Loft Cinema
5/06 - Three Oaks, MI - Vickers Theatre
5/07 - Missoula, MT - The Wilma Theatre
5/14 & 5/15 - Modesto, CA - The State Theatre of Modesto
5/14 to 5/20 - Burlington, VT - Merrill's Roxy Cinema
5/17 to 5/20 & 5/22 to 5/24 - Nantucket, MA - Starlight Theatre
5/20 - Milwaukee, WI - Times Cinema
5/21 & 5/22 - Winston-Salem, NC - a/perture Cinema
5/21 & 5/28 - Cleveland, OH - Cleveland Museum of Art
5/22 - Flagstaff, AZ - Orpheum Theatre
5/27 - New York, NY - City Winery NYC (w/ Special Guests Q&A)
6/10 - Sacramento, CA - The Crest Theatre
6/17 - Grand Rapids, MI - Wealthy Theater

View the trailer on iTunes, Zune/Xbox and at
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More 'Blood Into Wine' Screenings Announced
February 25, 2010
As the film Blood Into Wine opens in a slew of new cities this week a new clip from the movie featuring Bob Odenkirk has surfaced. Blood Into Wine is the documentary that relays the story of Tool/Puscifer front man Maynard James Keenan and his vineyard partner Eric Glomski's quest to bring notoriety and credibility to Arizona winemaking. The film also stars Milla Jovovich, Patton Oswalt, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (Tim & Eric Awesome Show).

The first week screenings of the movie sold out with theaters adding additional last minute showings. called the film a rock version of Sideways. San Diego CityBeat said "It's a behind-the-curtain peek at a notoriously publicity-shy celebrity, but more than that, it's a fascinating look at pioneers braving the Arizona elements to create drinkable art" and the Arizona Republic said "... the film captures something deeper than winemaking."

Upcoming Screenings:

AZ - Phoenix - Feb. 26 to Mar. 4 - Harkins Valley Art Theater
AZ - Tucson - Apr. 28 - The Loft Cinema (with Director's Q&A)
CA - Los Angeles - Feb. 25 to 28 - Laemmle Sunset
CA - San Francisco - Feb. 25 - Viz Cinema (SOLD OUT)
CA - San Francisco - Feb. 26 - ATA
CA - Santa Cruz - Apr. 1 - Rio Theatre
GA - Atlanta - Mar. 4 - Fox Theatre
IA - Davenport - Feb. 26 - Capitol Theatre
IN - Shelbyville - Apr. 9 - The Strand Theatre
MA - Boston - Feb. 26 to 28 - Somerville Theatre
MA - Salem - Mar. 12 to 18 - Cinema Salem
MN - Minneapolis - Mar. 4 - Riverview Theatre
NM - Albuquerque - Mar. 13 - Guild Cinema
TN - Nashville - Mar. 17 to 20 - Belcourt Theatre
UT - Salt Lake City - Mar. 5 to 11 - Tower Theatre

More cities to be announced next week.
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Epicenter '09 Draws Near
August 12, 2009
We’re just 10 Days away from So Cal’s largest and loudest rock festival with the first annual Epicenter ’09 on August 22! It’s a Full Day of Rock & Celebrities. Hobo will also be there where you can pick up a Limited Edition Epicenter Skate Deck.
In addition, there will be other merch booths and for those who forget earplugs or sunscreen – no problem! There will be booths where you can pick up your Epicenter Essentials!

2 Stages – 12 Hours of Music, featuring:

Linkin Park
Alice In Chains
Hollywood Undead
Street Sweeper Social Club
Aesop Rock
Paper Tongues
After Midnight Project

Get your tickets now if you haven’t already at this location. And for more information on Epicenter, visit
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Epicenter '09 Festival Tickets Now On Sale
July 7, 2009
Tickets are now on sale for the Epicenter ’09 Festival, which will debut Saturday, August 22 at Fairplex in Pomona with Tool, Linkin Park, Alice In Chains, Wolfmother, Atmosphere, Hollywood Undead, Atreyu, Street Sweeper Social Club, Aesop Rock, Sonny and others TBA.

The annual music festival is presented by Right Arm Entertainment (creators of Ohio’s successful Rock on the Range annual festival) and will feature 12 acts throughout the day on multiple stages, with music set to kick off at 12 Noon.

“Talk about a killer lineup,” says Linkin Park co-frontman Chester Bennington. “Tool, Alice In Chains, Wolfmother--if we weren't performing, we'd come just to see all the bands. This is gonna be our only North American gig all year and we promise to make it a show to remember.”

“To introduce a new rock festival in Southern California, you have to dream big,” says Right Arm Entertainment’s Gary Spivack, co-executive producer of the festival. “Having Tool is an event in and of itself—and when you add Linkin Park's only 2009 North American concert, Alice In Chains, Wolfmother, Atmosphere and all these acts, it’s more than we could have envisioned for the first Epicenter. We’re dedicated to making this the best rock festival of the summer.”

Tickets are $79.50 for general admission/$125 for VIP and go on sale Saturday, June 27 at 10:00 AM at Look for more information about Epicenter to be released in the coming weeks. For up-to-the-minute updates, go to
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(8 news stories listed.)
Maynard James Keenan (vocals)
Adam Jones (guitar)
Justin Chancellor (bass)
Danny Carey (drums)

Band member bios... Maynard James Keenan One reason Maynard was drawn to L.A. in the early 90's was to explore the possibilities of sacred temple architecture and regeneration. Thus it is perhaps easiest to sketch a brief history of Maynard through some of the elements within his living space. The floor has a formation that's round on both sides and hi in the middle that is best measured with the equation DV/D = I (I being incidence); and a pack of gum, mo' happiness, and the apostle. Examining the wall introduces art pieces by Ramiro Rodriquez and themes best grasped through being Jung in Michigan. At the window frame a hairless cat stares intently outside at squawking irish parrots swaying drunkenly. Coast to coast some things never change. In another direction is a calendar of crossed out squares with A Perfect Circle scribed on May 23rd and "NIN tour" written under April 12th. Adam Jones Adam's journey began in Libertyville, Illinois where, as a child, Adam began skipping Sunday school to read comics books at a nearby store. This rejection of the word of god in favor of the images of the comic microcosm carried over to school where Adam would draw pictures during teacher's lectures and think of music during math class. Adam studied violin as a child, but as Adam grew older he began to move away from the rigidity of a classical music and towards the sonic potentials of guitar playing. While most kids were involved in sports and homework Adam's musical talents and continued interest in comic books and sketching evolved into a desire for integrating and animating his ideas through the medium of film and the manipulation of three dimensional space through sculpture. Despite a film school scholarship offer Adam choose art school where he was able to hone his sculpting and sketching abilities. Still maintaining an interest in films Adam moved to LA and received training in make-up effects. He started a career working for Stan Winston's doing make-up effects and spent a few years working on movies. Maynard and Adam decided to start a band while keeping their day jobs...the rest is history. It has only been through the last nine years, however, that Adam has begun to explore the full potentials of projecting his thoughts and emotions through Tool's songs, videos, and album artwork. Sometimes in this environment, Adam is able to achieve a state of synesthesia where playing guitar invokes visions and images to appear before him and making videos, sketching, or sculpting creates auditory hallucinations of riffs and music. Currently Adam is sculpting a piece for the re-release of the Peach album Giving Birth to a Stone, writing music each day for the next Tool album with Danny and Justin, sketching the images he obtains in these practices, and dealing with the business side of the music industry. One way to perceive the experiences that have led to Adam's state in Tool is as the exploration of contrasting modalities of perception. As the hemispheres of the brain struggle for dominance there is a constant shifting of polarity between the right and left lobes that exists as music vs. number, image vs. word, being vs. doing, and holistic integration vs. linear abstraction. Justin Chancellor Justin began his celebration of life in England where as a child you could often find him playing soccer with his siblings and friends. Sometimes Justin would catch himself mesmerized by the dancing and spinning of the ball sensing the possibilities of worlds within worlds. At the age of eight he began playing guitar and at fourteen started meeting and playing with the friends he would eventually form the band Peach with. Peach released the album"Giving Birth to a Stone" and later appeared as an opening band for Tool on several dates in England. Carrying with him a strange sense of alternate realities, Justin found himself able to access them through music and altered states of consciousness . When Tool needed a bass player in 1995 the journey to America seemed simple compared to the paths he had explored within his own mind. On January 12, of 1997 Justin married a very special lady from Statten Island,NY, Ariadne Philippoussis, on top of Mingus Mountain . Currently Justin has been practicing entering hypnagogic states facilitated by sonic landscapes generated by his wife Ari and a highly specialized form of tensor yoga. These function as the arc and threads that buoy and retrieve him from the watery matrices and emotional labyrinths he explores. He then utilizes these experiences as a reference point in his riffs and style to induce a holographic depth to Tool's music. Keep your eyes open for the scheduled re-release for Peach's "Giving Birth to a Stone" happening sometime soon. Danny Carey Danny grew up in Paola, KS. Relatively normal, an element of mystery was added to Danny's childhood when one day he spied his father with a large sword conducting a Masonic ritual. Danny would later notice himself performing similar movements when he began playing drums at the age of thirteen. As Danny progressed through high school and then college at the University of Missouri in Kansas City he began supplementing his studies in percussion with speculation into the principles of geometry, science, and metaphysics. A commitment to life as an artist brought Danny to LA where he was able to perform as a studio drummer with projects like Carole King and play around town with Pygmy Love Circus. He would later find an outlet for addressing a fuller scope of his potentials in Tool and another project operating under the title of Zaum. Despite not becoming a Mason or aligning himself with any other school of religion, Danny has maintained his heritages interest in occult studies. Endeavors into this realm have manifested periodically, such as the time he achieved insight into a hidden aspect of the unicursal hexagram utilizing an astral journey initiated through meditation and DMT. Danny then set up his drums into proportions utilizing the circle and square of the New Jerusalem and uttered a short prayer relating to the principles of the ace of swords from the book of Thoth. He then performed a ritual utilizing his new found knowledge of the unicursal hexagram to generate a pattern of movement in space relating to Fuller's vector equilibrium model. The resulting rhythm and gateway summoned a daemon he has contained within "the Lodge" that has been delivering short parables similar to passages within the Book of Lies. Danny recommends as a device of protection and containment a thorough study and utilization of the underlying geometry of the Temple of Solomon for anyone purchasing their next record.