Tonight Is Glory
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The Vision And Reality
Tonight Is Glory Post Tracks From Upcoming Album Online
December 2, 2008
Tonight Is Glory have posted four tracks from their album 'The Vision And Reality' on their MySpace profile, you can listen to them here . The tracks posted are "Horizons", "Exciting Forms Of Destruction" (feat. Nick Moore of Before Their Eyes), "It's Never Been This Quiet" (feat. Telle Smith of Greeley Estates), and "The Man In The White Suite" (feat. Chris Roetter of Agraceful). 'The Vision And Reality' is set to hit stores January 20th through Standby Records.
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Roman Dieguez (vocals)
Christopher Lopez (guitar)
Gabe Yanez (guitar)
Nathan Warren (bass)
Bert Lagunas (drums)

In just a little over a year and a handfull of member changes, the melodic post hardcore quintet known as Tonight is Glory has pushed through a vigorous amount of struggles without a single sign of stopping. Hailing from the vast Metal/Hardcore scene of El Paso, TX., Tonight is Glory has honed its energetic sound- a sonic onslaught punctuated by sky-singing screams and memorable guitar riffs,. The band has undoubtly gained a reputation for their incendiary live performance which has drawn a numerous amount of new faces show after show.

Standby Records will release their label debut full length in early 2009.