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Album Releases

Mit Gas
Mike Patton (vocals)
Duane Denison (guitar)
John Stanier (drums)
Kevin Rutmanis (bass)

MIT GAS Achtung! Rock and Roll super group, Tomahawk, birthed from pure aural gold their second CD, to be handed down to earthbound mortals like a jewel from the heavens. The new cd is entitled "Mit Gas". The title, with it's threatening Teutonic overtones, announces the total annihilation through pleasure that is about to descend upon you, the lucky listener. Either that or these talented super gods are serving you the musical equivalent of that bubbly water that tickles your nose. The band, in order of famousness is composed of Mike Patton, John Stanier, Duane Dennison (their Michael Nesmith-like leader) and Kevin Rutmanis. These sensitive deities were assisted in forging this generous gift to humanity (it was produced, in vulgar terms) by the Roman warrior, Joe Barresi. Centurion Barresi has worked with lesser "artistes" such as Pennywise, Queens of the Stoneage, Led Zepellin and the Melvins. Unlike other super groups such as Audioslave, Tomahawk doesn't have any really famous people, but at least the music is good. This is indeed a golden age, when sirens of this quality are allowed to whisper into our ears without any risk of crashing souls against the jagged rocks of mediocrity that surround us. And it's way better than their first CD that came out a year or two ago. So go forth, like a pink little alley pig, and let the bells peal, the crowds cheer, the dj's spin! Clear the Billboard charts.......a miracle has been bestowed upon us!!!! It is called: MIT GAS