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1. The Scythe
2. This Continuum
3. Tombs
4. The Blinding Light
5. Widowed
6. Headed South
7. Serpent Noose
8. Ouroboros Rising
9. Skeleton Vanguard
10. Pyre & Procession
11. Black Vatican
12. Burial At Sea

With their last album, Venom & Tears, Throwdown simultaneously lost a ton of their old fans and gained a whole set of new fans at the same time. Old fans complained that Throwdown hadcompletely sold out, leaving behind their hardcore sound in an attempt to be nothing more than a Pantera tribute. On the other side of the fence, metalheads were initially somewhat put off by the extreme similarity to the Pantera sound, but eventually embraced the band's new sound and style with open arms.

2 years have passed since then, and Throwdown have returned with what is easily their best and most varied material to date. 'Deathless' sees the band take their influences to an entirely new level this time out, shedding any remaining traces of hardcore that were still slightly present on the last outing.

Every line up change the band has experienced over the years (and there have been TONS of changes), has helped to lead the band down the musical path they're traveling down today. And contrary to what fans of older variations of the line up may think, the band continues to improve with each outing, and this time around is no exception. On top of having the Pantera and Sepultura influences to work off, the band has also apparently been influenced by Alice In Chains, Killswitch Engage, and even Life of Agony this time around as well. Tempos have slowed down significantly, and there is a serious injection of melody in almost every song, which isn't something that Throwdown has ever been known for. There are alot more guitar solos present on this album as well, and nary a single breakdown to be found, which are both very welcome changes to this once again new and improved version of Throwdown.

Another positive change in the band's direction is the exclusion of sxe slanted lyrical content. Despite the band still being entirely straight edge, the fact that they don't feel the need to preach about it anymore is a sure sign of maturity in being able to keep their personal convictions personal. With all the xtian bands coming out of the woodwork within the past few years preaching like they're commanding a pulpit at church on sunday morning, the last thing we need is another album preaching anything, including sober living. That's what AA and NA meetings are for.

Last but certainly not least is the need to make mention of Dave Peters' entirely unexpected, yet extremely stunning clean vocal performances that show up continuously throughout the album. Knowing that Dave plays guitar is one thing and his contributions in that department shouldn't come as a huge surprise, but there has never been a reason to expect clean vocals on a Throwdown record. So while hearing them was a surprise in and of itself, the fact that Dave has an amazingly solid singing voice was even more of a welcome surprise. Fortunately Dave managed to stay away from the all too predictable screamed verse/clean chorus metalcore formula that most bands go for when incorporating clean vocals into their sound, opting instead to go with whatever each individual song called for without getting carried away. In doing so, Dave and Co managed to make the album extremely cohesive as a whole, while at the same time ensuring that each song maintains enough of an individual identity to stand on it's own.

BOTTOM LINE: Take all influences listed above into accord and it's easy to see that not only is this way different from anything Throwdown has ever done before, but it's leagues apart from all the corporate cloned bullshit that's currently being put out by the trend labels that popped up in the last few years. There are no breakdowns and it doesn't sound like the flavor of the week, and that's exactly what makes 'Deathless' worth spending some hard earned cash on.

Simply put, 'Deathless' is a breath of fresh air in a scene that has been overrun with deathcore/screamo clones and a currentĀ overdose of Meshuggah worship.

RATING: 10/11

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