This Or The Apocalypse
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This Or The Apocalypse Post New Song Online
May 21, 2010
Lancaster, Pennsylvania's This Or The Apocalypse is set to reveal a brand new track today, entitled "Charmer" from their Good Fight Music debut, 'Haunt What's Left'. The track will be located at their MySpace page. 'Haunt What's Left' is produced by Josh Wilbur and Lamb Of God's Chris Adler, and is set to hit stores on June 22nd, 2010. When asked to comment on "Charmer," Adler stated, "This is the shit that makes me get up in the morning. This is not the hit, this is not the second single, this is not the third - it is the 'shedding skin' tune. This gives me goose bumps and makes me jealous."

This Or The Apocalypse vocalist Ricky Armellino had a few words of his own to express the meaning behind "Charmer." "The more I struggle to learn about myself, the more I just abhor the amount our society consumes. It's disgusting that a religious belief could make one feel empowered enough to irresponsibly destroy and consume other forms of life because they feel that there is an 'afterlife' only for themselves and nothing else," starts Armellino. "One of my dearest friends calls me a 'charmer' because I tend to be cunning and persuasive when I talk to others, it's a gift and a curse; you can be so convincing that you can even distort the truth in your own eyes and make yourself believe you're not one of 'them', you're not to blame. I named the song after that nickname because I always want to remind myself that I should be holding myself accountable first, the rest of the world second."

This Or The Apocalypse is heading out on the road with Gwen Stacy and Inhale Exhale this spring and summer. Tour dates are listed below.

This Or The Apocalypse Tour Dates w/ Gwen Stacy, Inhale Exhale:
6/14 - Ground Control - West Palm Beach, FL
6/15 - The 7 Venue - Douglasville, GA
6/16 - The 7 Venue - Douglasville, GA
6/17 - The Oasis - Charleston, SC
6/19 - Club Relevant - Virginia Beach, VA
6/20 - The Brewery - Raleigh, NC
6/21 - Mt. Airy Firehall - Mount Airy, MD
6/22 - Spotswood VFW - Manalapan, NJ
6/23 - Hangar 84 - Vineland, NJ
6/24 - Bogies - Albany, NY
6/25 - Rocko's - Manchester, NH
6/27 - Championship - Lemoyne, PA
6/29 - Frankies - Toledo, OH
6/30 - The Pike Room - Pontiac, MI

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Chris Adler, Josh Wilbur Producing This Or The Apocalypse
February 26, 2010
Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler has teamed with famed producer Josh Wilbur (Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold) to produce the new album from the band This Or The Apocalypse, which is due out this Spring on Good Fight Music.

With a creative approach, broad vision, and DIY principles, This Or The Apocalypse is a group that exhibits the patience and dedication to step outside the box and create something both heavy and unique. With a foundation steadily built from self-released recordings and self- booked tours, This Or The Apocalypse signed to LifeForce Records and released their first commercial debut, 'Monuments', in September 07 in the US and the rest of the world the following month. The album ripped along at a driving pace, thoughtfully interchanging syncopated polyrhythmic grooves, striking melodies, and a passionate approach unheard in heavy music; blurring the lines between hardcore and metal, dodging the gimmicks of both. This Or The Apocalypse joined the debut roster of Good Fight Music in 2010 to release their upcoming album.

Chris Adler had the following to say about the working with This Or The Apocalypse on the production of their new record: "I've been wanting to produce a band other than my own for a while now, but never found one that inspired me quite enough to jump in. It's an exhaustive process to commit your creativity and focus to someone else. Most bands that are noticed today do one thing really well, or are known for a particular direction. Few combine as many elements as seamlessly as This Or The Apocalypse. This record is intense to say the least. It feels like a landmark music moment. Time will tell, but I'm obviously pretty f'n psyched."

Vocalist Ricky Armellino is equally amped about working with Chris Adler and Josh Wilbur on the new album: "Normally when you meet people in Adler's position, the last thing on their mind is finding new music or even listening to it. Chris still finds the time. He's full of music and got a ton of energy; I feel like getting him into the writing/ recording process for the new album was an incredible circumstance for us. From day one we've been shooting back and forth demos, lyric sheets, home recordings of White Lion songs and developing a lot of ideas together. Josh Wilbur's an incredible vocal producer and his recordings are organic, huge, and a cut above anything you hear in the genre, so getting him in the mix was a huge blessing for the project. These guys are family to us now and we can't wait to get this monster on the shelves."

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