The Tenth Circle
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Album Releases

Of War and Reflection
HOME TOWN: Lancaster, PA
'Of War and Reflection' recording line-up:
Ross Whitecavage - vocal
Ross Gerson - guitar
Dave Moody - guitar
Jasin Hollinger - bass
Tim Yeung - drums

The Tenth Circle started as a band named Cirrhosis during 2001 in Lancaster, PA by local musicians who wanted to bring something more extreme to the local metal scene. Over the course of the next few years, the band refined their sound by recording numerous demos, showcasing material and developing their skills and abilities at
many local and regional events, bringing new musicians to their lineup to maximize chemistry and creativity. During these years, the band enjoyed a very positive response to their unique and catchy blend of various types of extreme music, prompting them to branch out and expand their fan base and presence in the scene.
Organized by one of the band's guitarists, Ross Gerson, and promoted by central PA's rock station 105.7 the X, the Metal To the Core Tour became a successful quarterly event featuring Cirrhosis and other tri-state area bands looking to play for a new audience. These events became festival-like gatherings, attracting vendors and gaining sponsorship by local and national businesses. With the continued
success, the band took their act to new audiences in the region, traveling up and down the Northeast's exploding metal scene supporting national acts such as Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, Skinless, Vital Remains, Testament, and many other acts from which the band has drawn influence and inspiration.

In 2004, the band enlisted Ross Whitecavage, (former vocalist of Thorp Records recording Artists How it Ends) into their ranks with the intention of unleashing a full-length CD and solidifying their place in extreme metal. They devoted the summer and autumn of 2004 to writing new material and putting existing material under the
microscope to further refine their material for the upcoming venture.

The pre-production demo gained the interest of critically acclaimed extreme metal drummer Tim Yeung (Hate Eternal, Vital Remains, Hank Williams III) who was eager to provide his renowned and inhuman drumming abilities to the creation of this album. After securing seasoned engineer/producer Eric Rachel (The Black Dahlia Murder,
God Forbid, Hatebreed, etc.) the band entered Eric's legendary Trax East Studios in November 2004 to begin working on this promising project. After tracking, the pre-production mixing was done with engineer Erin Farley (All Out War, Sick of it All, Overkill, M.O.D, etc.) at Big Blue Meenie Recording Studios. Then Eric Rachel completed the editing and final mix back at Trax East. Lastly Alan Douches
(Sepultura, Superjoint Ritual, Mastodon, Unearth, etc.) provided the finishing touches at West West Side Music for mastering.  The Tenth Circle is now set to present their full-length CD, Of War and Reflection, as well as their blistering live set on the
unsuspecting public in April 2006.