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Blessings From A Blackened Sky
The Sorrow Post Four Songs From Upcoming Debut Online
July 16, 2007
Austrian metallers The Sorrow have posted four songs from their upcoming debut album, 'Blessings from a Blackened Sky', on their MySpace page. The CD is scheduled for release on July 27 via Drakkar Records.

According to the band's official bio, The Sorrow's sound is characterized by "intricate riffs, raw, high-velocity attacks, powerful rhythms, melodic counterpoints and breakdowns that loosen every neck muscle. That's what marks this debut, that's what earned The Sorrow the 'Demo of the Month' award in the February issue of Metal Hammer magazine — as well as comparisons with Killswitch Engage."

Commented The Sorrow vocalist/guitarist Mätze: "Killswitch Engage are definitely a band that we all respect and like. Our real influences are musicians such as Pantera, Machine Head, In Flames, At The Gates, as well as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motley Crue and Skid Row. We're all over 25 and our preferences go back far into the timeless history of heavy metal."

'Blessings from a Blackened Sky' was recorded at Principal Studio near Münster, Germany with producer Toni Meloni, who has previously worked with such acts as Estate and Caliban. The album's lyrics reflect the whole range of the media apocalypse. "These days it's considered normal to be confronted with apocalyptic scenarios on a daily basis," explained guitarist Andi, who wanted to present thematic counterpoints to these kinds of subjects. "Our debut is full of distinctive metal slogans, like Judas Priest's 'Painkiller'," he laughed.
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HOME TOWN: Moshviertel / Vbg, Austria
Mätze - screams
powerriffing and beer
Andi - speedlicks and headbanging 
Tobi - 4 strings and tight pants
Dominik - nude drumming and always naysaying...

the sorrow are a young, ambitioned band from the middle of europe. before andi, tobi, mätze and dominik found each other, they were active in diverse bands: andi and mätze in the melodic punkrock- band disconnected, who played with the likes of beatsteaks, boysetsfire, death by stereo, madball,...
tobi and dominik got to know each other in the old-school-HC-band distance and supported bands like unearth, darkest hour, liar,...
when the band called the quits, tobi tried his luck with as final killjoy, an experimental metal- band, who was lucky enough to share stages with stretcharmstrong or the almighty anthrax.
if you throw all those ingredients in a heavy moshing blender, you might get to taste a gutburning cocktail consisting of melodic metal with the essential portion of brutal hardcore, and not to forget the refreshing breeze that blows for years now from the secret capital city of sweden: gothenburg!
additional to the three songs you lucky guys already know, the sorrow are constantly working on new monsters to devastate your stereo.
lyrically they involve things that matters to them: struggle of the daily life, as well as hope, love and the mortality of everything.