The Snake The Cross The Crown
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Album Releases

Mander Salis
HOME TOWN: Santa Barbara, CA
Carl Marshall (vocals/bass)
Kevin Jones (guitar)
Franklin Sammons (guitar)
William Sammons (keys/programming)
Mark Fate (drums)

What's in a name? Maybe it's symbolism or divine inspiration... or maybe it was simply inspired by a discrete birthmark on one of the band members. At least that's what the members of Equal Vision's newly signed The Snake The Cross The Crown are claiming. Huntsville, AL isnít a likely place for musical dreams to spawn. But nestled there with an inclination to make music, Franklin Sammons (guitar) has been honing his talent since the sixth grade. Joined by his brother William Sammons (keys, programming), the band slowly began to take form. Kevin Jones (guitar, vocals) and Carl Marshall (bass, vocals) joined the two brothers and the four quickly took shape as Curbside Service. It was obvious to them that Huntsville, AL wasn't the inspiration they needed, so they packed their bags and headed west to Santa Barbara, CA. It wasn't long after their transcontinental move that they decided to shed their moniker and recruit their friend Mark Fate (drums). And so began The Snake The Cross The Crown. After hearing their debut EP, Like A Moth Before A Flame, released on Waste Of Time Records, Equal Vision Records caught on to something that the rest of the world was to soon to discover. Family members, friends, and band-mates, The Snake The Cross The Crown are built around a tight-knit bond and the passion to make music. While some bands become tunnel-visioned on a sound that will bring them instant popularity, The Snake The Cross The Crown find themselves constantly evolving. Like A Moth Before a Flame is a progressive and atmospheric layering of keyboards, guitars, and drums, canvased in thoughtful lyrics of disillusionment, addiction, and beauty. This, however, is just a taste of what's to come on their full-length debut for Equal Vision Records. Heading into the studio in Spring 2004 with producer Angus Cooke (The Ataris, Nerf Herder, Lagwagon), the band will continue its relentless evolution while bringing with them the atmospheric elements that made their outstanding debut such a success.