The Revolution Smile
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Album Releases

Above The Noise
HOME TOWN: Sacramento, CA
Shaun Lopez (vocals/guitar)
Tim McCord (guitar)
Octavio Gallardo (bass)
Jeremy White (drums)

The Revolution Smile was formed in march of 2K. The early stages of the band go back to the winter of '98/'99 when the Sacramento Immortal/Epic recording artist FAR played it's last show in November of '98. Guitarist Shaun Lopez feeling somewhat lost and not knowing what step to take next decided to take a bit of a break from rock and roll and experimented a bit in the world of sampling and making beats and even did a drum n bass remix for the Snapcase "designs for automation" cd. All the while Shaun continued to do other musical things like scoring indie films such as 42K and Black Friday from acclaimed director Darren Doane who is mostly know for his work on music videos for Blink 182 and Pennywise, and also the film Godmoney. Still with an undeniable interest in rock and roll he tried playing with new people including Tinfed, Walter Schreifels formerly of Quicksand, and even a brief stint of trying out for the Foo Fighters. After the Foo Fighters try out, Shaun then decided that the time had come to front his own band. His philosophy: Depend on no one. Make everything yourself. Enter late 1999 and the early stages of the songs began to develop. Shaun's knowledge and interest in the sampling/sequencing had begun to pay off in a new way. Shaun figured that anything he wanted a drummer to play he could make in the computer and would be a great way to write and experiment while the search for band members continued. Along the way he found Tim McCord formerly of the bands Double Think and Rings of Saturn. Shaun and Tim both seemed to share the same musical ideas. The bassist position was instantly filled. The duo then knew that in order to rock they needed a great drummer and wouldn't settle for less. A whole new level of patience was in order. Shaun knew that he didn't want to play flavor of the month music and wanted to make something from the heart that could hold up to any metal band but could also have pop sensibilities that would have you walk away humming the melodies. The duo then tried out a handful of drummers, placed ads all over town and ended up where they started. They found that trying to find a drummer that wanted to play rapless music in this age was not going to be an easy task. Enter March 2K. Guitarist Daniel C. formerly of the band Random enters the picture and he brings former Random drummer Mike W. with him and the band is complete. The band progresses at a rapid pace and plays it's first show after being together just a little over one month. With FAR still selling a good amount of records per week, the excitement about The Revolution Smile is immense. The Revolution begins.......Throw your fist up.