The Program
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Album Releases

Artificial Unintelligence
Jesse (vocals)
Paul (guitar/vocals)
Travis (guitar)
Mike (bass)
Kevin (drums)

Formed in April of 2001 as a 4 piece aggressive punk band, the Program has a come along way from their humble beginnings of garage practices. The Program came as the fall of 2 of the East Bay's punk bands (Pawn Takes King, the Demotics) came to a close. Jesse and Kevin both came from PTK and began writing songs with Chris Fleckner and Paul Baker. At the end of that summer of songwriting and shows, Paul Baker left the band and Paul Hansen would take over the full time job on guitar. A demo was then recorded as it caught the attention of various indie labels and the ears of the music world in spring of 2002. Stillborn Records picked up the Program soon after and in the Fall of 2002, the Program picked up Travis Jones (Sora, Noradrenalin, countless metal bands) to take over Jesse's guitar as Jesse moved soley to lead vocals. From then until early Jan, the Program pumped 10 tracks for their Debut full length "Artificial Unintelligence", out now. Upon the release, Chris had to leave the band for personal reasons and Mike Taylor (Sora, Noradrenalin) now fills the bass slot. Now having covered both coasts of the US and looking launch a full onslaught of upcoming tour dates, you can be sure to catch the Program in a city near you with their high energy, relentless live performance. The Program will not be stopped!.