The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower
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Album Releases

Love In The Fascist Brothel
HOME TOWN: San Diego, CA
Brandon Welchez (vocals)
Charles Rowell (guitar)
Willy Graves (bass)
B.H. Peligra (drums)

The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower from San Diego, California, formed in 2001 with their beginning stage as an inventive jazz-punk hybrid as heard on 2003's Dissertation, Honey. That record's sound was strong and ever so cacophonous, but was altered by the time of their second official release; a three song EP titled If You Cut Us, We Bleed. This EP earned them an opportunity to spend nearly six months of 2004 on the road with the likes of Q And Not U, The Locust, and The Ex. "The Plot sound like the merging of Nation of Ulysses with Holland's The Ex, and you know kids, that is one pretty great combo. Great jazzy hardcore and for once, that isn't a contradiction." - Maximum Rock N Roll "The Plot holds the distinction of being the only band invited and then uninvited to play at the San Diego Music Awards (invited because they kick ass, uninvited because at a show the week prior there was penis, broken bottles and head-butting some, but not all, the bandŐs doing)." - San Diego City Beat "San Diego's The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower wind sax and vintage Wurlitzer keyboards through the spikes of Refused-influenced hardcore, marrying seemingly incongruous genres in the process. Breathless outburts and staccato rhythms are tempered by more layered, orchestral moments, as clipped arrangements line the cavities of the band's more angular marching orders." -Alternative Press Upon hearing Love In The Fascist Brothel you will quickly realize that The Plot is not a one-trick pony, and has now moved on to become something completely new. Like The Contortions and Sex Pistols before them, The Plot put together an all-smart version of punk; spit, attitude, and sexuality. Love In The Fascist Brothel has that magical quality that drives people onto the stage and into the sweaty dance pit every night. The album was recorded by legendary San Diego knob twister Rafter Roberts (Gogogo Airheart, The Black Heart Procession, The Album Leaf, Sufjan Stevens, Kill Me Tomorrow).