The Miserables
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The Miserables Launch Vocalist Search
April 24, 2007
Bay Area thrashers The Miserables have launched a singer search following the recent departure of Denton Bramley (Terror Syndrome, ex-God Awakens Petrified). "If you or anyone you know is interested in an audition, e-mail us with some MP3s and we can send out a CD [as soon as possible]. We have a full ProTools studio and do all our own recordings. Must be pro with a pro attitude and must realize that you have to work hard to succeed. Serious only."

The Miserables recently uploaded a new song, entitled "Lifeless", to its MySpace page.
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The Miserables Parts Ways With Vocalist
April 19, 2007
The Miserables, the San Francisco Bay Area-based band formed by Skinlab guitarist Glen "Glenny" Telford and ex-40 Grit members Chris Anderson (guitar), Ryan Healy (bass) and Andy Green (drums), has parted ways with singer Denton Bramley (Terror Syndrome, ex-God Awakens Petrified).

Commented Denton: "So here it is… Sitting around a table of a fast food restaurant. Denton (me), Chris and Ryan were thinkin' bout a name for our new band, a heavy but yet twisted metal act that would make a mark on the SF music scene. Chris mentioned something about being in-your-face angry. I think he might have spouted out 'misery.' I thought quickly ...hmmmmm… 'The Miserables.' We figured Glenny wouldn't like it, so I offered to call Glenny betting the rest of the band that I could convince him… I did!! We all loved the name ... We were The Miserables.

"For two years we recorded and plugged the 'MISERABLE' scene around the Bay Area and gained a lot of love from fans, playing some memorable and landmark shows.

"I am sad to report that The Miserables and I have decided to part ways. I have decided to commit myself to Terror Syndrome."

The Miserables recently uploaded a new song, entitled "Lifeless", to its MySpace page.
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HOME TOWN: San Francisco, CA
Denton : Vocals
Glenny : Guitars
Chris : Guitars
Ryan : Bass
Andy : Drums

Within the last thirty years ‘ HEAVY METAL ‘ as we know it has been an underdog of musical genres, now more than ever we are seeing it come forth and be a part of our lives in the biggest way including mainstream radio and movie soundtracks. As the World becomes more versatile and accepting we are now ready to introduce THE MISERABLES.

Hailing from the ‘ Bay Area ‘ California, and formed in early 2005 THE MISERABLES are a diverse five piece original metal act contrived of Denton-vocals, Chris-guitar, Glenny-guitar, Ryan-bass, Andy-drums. THE MISERABLES have been proving themselves worthy through their hyper live performances, and their sonically defined recordings. The ‘ Bay Area ‘ has produced some of the worlds best bands including Faith No More, Metallica, The Greatful Dead, Primus, CCR and Green Day to name just a few and is considered among some to be the 80’s birthplace of ‘true metal’ (Death Angel, Testament, Exodus) and no longer can we ignore THE MISERABLES.

Building a vast fanbase of promotion through the use of the internet and touring, THE MISERABLES are quickly recruiting new fans (THE MISERABLES MOB) for their support and a loyalty to their music. Collectively THE MISERABLES members have toured extensively and shared the stage with such acts as: Type O Negative, The Ramones, Judas Priest, In Flames, Life Of Agony, Slayer, Exodus, MachineHead, static x, Meshuggah, Testament, Slipknot, Soilwork, Lamb of God… etc. Aside from the fact that the majority of THE MISERABLES members have had previous record deals with successful bands, they insist that their new band THE MISERABLES will raise the eyebrows of the music industry and music fans worldwide.

THE MISERABLES are unstoppable and their music is infectious, with no resistance you too will join ‘THE MISERABLES MOB’!!