The Mad Capsule Markets
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Kyono (vocals)
Takeshi Ueda (bass)
Motokatsu Miyagami (drums)
Toru (guitar)

Having successfully conquered their homeland, with sales of over one million CDs and tours with the likes of Rage Against The Machine and Tool, Japan`s THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS are poised to tear down the walls between Japanese Rock and Western Music when OSC-DIS. Awesome, innovative, and extreme, the band`s secret ammo is a futuristic blend of digi-hardcore-punk-metal. There are countless Western bands that manage to transcend differences of culture and language to become "big in Japan," but for some reason the reverse rarely holds true. Fortunately, The Mad Capsule Markets isn't the sort of group that takes "no" for an answer. Having spent over a decade forging its aggressive hybrid of hardcore punk, metal, and techno, they have amassed a formidable following in the Land of the Rising Sun. And now, with the Palm Pictures release of OSC-DIS [Oscillator In Distortion], The Mad Capsule Markets has fixed its sights on the United States and Europe. Listening to the 40-minute adrenaline rush of OSC-DIS, itís not hard to hear how The Mad Capsule Markets has held its own live alongside hard-driving acts like Rage Against the Machine and Atari Teenage Riot. Originally released in Japan in 1999, the group's ninth full-length has spawned five hit songs at home: "Tribe," "Pulse," "All the Time In Sunny Beach," "Midi Surf," and "Good Girl." The latter, inspired by drummer Motokatsu's baby daughter, shortly brought the band to a whole new audience when the song was featured in a popular TV commercial. Although the sheer velocity of the band's sound - which walks the fine line between the unfettered rage of hardcore and the streamlined virtuosity of heavy metal, and fuses drum 'n' bass and techno rhythms with live drums - is what grabs the ear immediately, The Mad Capsule Markets boasts a melodic sensibility that belies its breakneck force. Deceptively catchy pop hooks lurk beneath the driving rhythms, taunt bass lines, and bellowing rhymes of "Pulse" and "All The Time in Sunny Beach"; "Island" almost sounds like a sweet throwback to the sunny pop of '60s AM radio - until the track ignites with fury halfway through. While Takeshi does most of the songwriting for the band, Kyono contributes lyrically as well. The Mad Capsule Markets originally took shape in 1990. After releasing the single "Government Wall" and a debut album, Humanity, on its own Insect Noise label, the group signed with JVC/Victor Entertainment in early 1991. Seven other albums followed: P.O.P. (1991); Speak!!!! (1992); Mix-Ism (1994); Park (1994); 4 Plugs (1996); the best of The Mad Capsule Markets (1996); and Digidogheadlock (1997). The group's ascendance has only accelerated since the latter two albums reached the Top Ten on Japan's influential Original Confidence (Oricon) chart. The Mad Capsule Markets has toured Japan extensively, selling out shows on every trip. In 1995, the group played its first Stateside shows with dates in San Francisco (where 4 Plugs was mixed). In 1997, The Mad Capsule Markets appeared at both the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City and South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. That same year, they opened for both Rage Against the Machine and Helmet on their Japanese tours, and also performed at the Fuji Rock Festival, alongside RATM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Atari Teenage Riot. In recent years, they have also played with Pitchshifter and Fear Factory. The band's electronic edge and undeniable rhythm impact have made The Mad Capsule Markets a popular choice with remix producers. ATR mastermind Alec Empire overhauled two tracks from Digidogheadlock - "Creature" and "Crash Pow." U.K. legend Adrian Sherwood (of On-U Sound renown), Japanese hip-hop kingpin DJ Krush, and electronica collective Audio Active have also tinkered with The Mad Capsule Marketsí tracks. In 1999, Takeshi and Motokatsu contributed a collaborative remix to a Yellow Magic Orchestra project, while more recently members of California's Long Beach Dub All-Stars tackled "Good Girl."