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Matthew Pantelis Checks In
September 17, 2010
We've covered this fairly recently, but the link has changed and the new site is now live! So for anyone that may have missed it and might be wondering what Matthew Pantelis has been up to since his abrupt departure from Sumerian next gen metallers, Veil Of Maya... Matthew has checked in with Loudside once again to offer an updated link to his new endeavor.

You can check out what Matthew has been up to right here:
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Veil Of Maya... Where Exactly Is Matthew Pantelis??
August 1, 2010
It's a question that's been asked recently by fans and even website/magazine writers and contributors who have attended Summer Slaughter and not seen Matthew on stage with VoM... so what happened and where is he??

Well, I can't really tell you what all went down or why Matthew isn't currently out on the road with Veil Of Maya because I don't know the details... And even if I did, I wouldn't post anything here without proper confirmation first. Trust me, if I posted everything I knew on here the minute I found out about it, you'd be all over this site like flies on shit... er, something to that effect.

Anyway, for those that are more inclined to find out what Matthew's been up to since his mysteriously departure from Veil Of Maya, head on over and visit Jam the track "No Water" and get an idea of what Matthew's new project The Life, which is currently comprised of himself and Joe Phillips, sounds like. The band's profile is also one of Myspace's new beta layouts. I'm not sure if they're a good or bad thing yet, but while you're there you can see how that all works too.

Oh, and if haven't already clicked that link above and you're still reading this.. don't go in expecting to hear anything similar to Veil Of Maya. I know most artists that leave bands and start new music projects typically end up sounding just like the band they left, and it kind of ends up making no sense at all. Such is not the case here, so let go of any 'expectations', give this a shot and see what you think!

So there you have it... Check out The Life's new tune, check out the lyrics at this location, and Get Into It!!
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HOME TOWN: Chicago, IL
Matthew Pantelis

The Life is a new musical endeavor featuring Matthew Pantelis, former guitarist for Born of Osiris who moved on to play bass for Veil Of Maya before dropping off randomly, with no announcement from the band or Matthew himself on the reasons for his extremely abrupt departure. Speculation is not necessary. Information will be made available if and when it needs to be.

For more information and updates on The Life, visit their Myspace page at the link provided in the Links section.