The Kinison
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Mortgage Is Bank
Bub Knight (guitar)
Chris Lewis (vocals)
Aaron Faller (guitar)
Mike Rivera (drums)
Mike Villavicencio (bass)

The Kinison are the new underground darlings. Born in the quaint slumberous town of Oblong, Illinois the band that's been spilling aggressive and potent tunes on stages all over LA is ready to rape your ears. Combined brain-splitting screams, melodic assaults and an overflow of guitar riffs, this band is about as raw as it gets. How did they get here? Their break came a few years back after handing a demo to Amen front man Casey Chaos at a show. They made contact with him and eventually traveled to Los Angeles to record a demo titled I Hate Black Sabbath. That was a crude example their poignant energy and hard-core rock. They reentered the studio with Chaos and recorded another demo, "Mortgage is Bank," which lead to their relocation to Riverside, California. This band is not newly hip Garage-Rock, they are definitely not nu-metal they are just a brash, young group with a mind numbing sound that are more than ready to get in your face. One thing is for sure, the boredom they lived through in their native Illinois gave them more than enough inspiration and material to sing about and heave on stage. "We decided we had to get the fuck out of Illinois. There's nothing going on there," castigates the band.