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Too Bad Theyre All Dead

Where Child Actors Go To Die
The Judas Cradle To Shoot Music Video
May 30, 2004
The Judas Cradle have lined up Eric Boccio (Kid Gorgeous) and his new video company to direct the video for their song "What To Do When Your Van Breaks Down in Oregon". The video will be filmed in Birmingham, AL on June 19th and 20th. If you are in the Alabama or the Southeast area, email to be a part of the video.

The video is planned to be a kickball game intermixed with shots of the band playing live. Lots of fun and goofiness is to be had during the game shots. If you decide to come out and be a part of it, bring sun screen, sunglasses, and headbands. The live shots of the band will be filmed at their show in Birmingham, AL on June 20th at Cave 9.
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Clayton Kidd (vocals)
Nick Hollingsworth (guitar)
Roger Jacobsen (guitar)
Guy Martin (bass)
Ben Smith (drums)

THE JUDAS CRADLE was formed in the winter of 2001 in their hometown of Mobile, AL. The band formed under the name, The Common Man, but decided on THE JUDAS CRADLE in the winter of 2001. Since then THE JUDAS CRADLE have embarked on several tours across the country with bands such as Kid Gorgeous, Undying, Misery Signals, The Wage of Sin, and Walken, just to name a few. With influences such as Converge, In Flames, Bleeding Through, Iron Maiden, Slayer and numerous hardcore bands, THE JUDAS CRADLE brings their own sound of metal and hardcore with enough sing-alongs and MOSH parts to keep kids on their feet. THE JUDAS CRADLE has released a split with a band called Plague Thy Child on Set in Stone records in the summer of 2000 while still under the name The Common Man. TJC followed their debut with a 5 song EP on Indianola records called "Where Child Actors go to Die " in the winter of 2002.