The Giving End
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Commando Warrior - Joey Tabb
Irish Pirate - Josh Pearson
Dreadmaster - Bucky Wilson
A Delicious Bass- Matt Culpepper
Lumberjack - Jamie Walker

In a world full of problems that are seemingly getting worse each day, there are few outlets that one can use to clear the mind. A group from Albany, Ga is aware of this, and is determined to make a difference...The Giving End. Despite everything that the band has been through (including a lineup and a name change), all The Giving End wants to do is inspire people- whether it is to love, fight, change the world, become stronger, or defend your beliefs.

With new music on the way produced by Corey Lowery of Dark New Day, The Giving End will be touring hard in 2007.

The Giving End has shared the stage with bands like Confliction, Anberlin, Still Naive, Big Dismal, One Less Reason, Irrational, Dear Enemy, Echovalve, Hybrid L, Socialburn, Trust Company, Rehab, Crazy Anglos, David Lee Roth, and Story of the Year.
They have been a part of the NOPI and Taste of Chaos Mobile tours, as well as Girls Gone Wild shows.

"All we want is for people to feel our music- to relate to every word, to find comfort in our struggles and heartaches and realize that YOU have the power to take control of your life, and not to just sit back and wait on something to happen on its own" - J

What others are saying...

"I can't remember the last time I was so impressed with an up and coming unsigned band. The songwriting, arrangement, pipes, and playing is ALL there." - Stace Jareti (VOLUME Entertainment Magazine)

"Seems like a band thats on the threshold of something big" - AUDIOPAGES Magazine

"The Giving End is a modern hard rock band who manage to stand out amongst the rest. Full 3-part harmonies intertwine with heavy grooves and atmospheric riffs to produce a sound as haunting as it is aggressive. With a nonstop touring schedule, professional work ethic, and electrifying live show, The Giving End should have big things in their future!" - Aaron Hickman (105.3 The Buzz, Atlanta, Ga)