The Ghost
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Album Releases

This Pen Is A Weapon

This Is A Hospital
HOME TOWN: Oakland, CA
Brian Moss (vocals/guitar)
Jordan Schalich (bass)
Shane Stevens (guitar)
Randy Bleichner (drums)

It seems as though life and music can often be over saturated with superficiality, reservations, blandness and an overall lack of substance. Pop-culture often centers itself solely on trends, names, and fashion. It is now time that with the highest expectations The Ghost make a conscious effort to incorporate sincerity, honesty, originality and true passion in their music and their everyday lives. "Paint me a movie, or sing me a book. Make this non-fiction with all the friction and dirty looks." There is no candy coating here, nothing withheld…this is the real rock. In March of 2001, out of the ashes of local and national touring acts, a new voice in music arose. Based around a group of tightly knit friends in Berkeley and Oakland, California "The Ghost" was formed. Brian Moss and Shane Stevens had recently lost years of work when their former band (The Wunder Years) suffered a break-up following a six-week tour. With too much friendship and work behind them the two decided that calling it quits was not an option. Brian immediately got together with his best friend Jordan Schalich and began discussing the idea of forming a new band. The two played together briefly in the past with a band called "The Trust Foundation" but that never seriously amounted to anything serious due to other musical commitments in place at that time. Since that thwarted beginning, both Moss and Schalich had desperately wanted to write and play music together again. The band now had three. At the end of that particular week, through mutual friends, the guys met drummer Randy Bleichner. By some odd stroke of luck or destiny, the band was now complete. Within one month The Ghost had written enough material to begin playing live shows. To get good shows, Brian and Shane relied on their friends and business partners Corrie Christopher and Ryan Harlacher at Fierce Talent. On April 20, 2001 The Ghost played their first show in Santa Cruz, CA in a tiny abandoned classroom. Six weeks later, with the combined dedication of the band and Fierce Talent, The Ghost had twenty plus shows under their belts spanning from Northern California into the deserts of the Southwest. During the same time period the band hooked up with Some Records out of New York City. Fueled by a shared dedication to honesty and hard work, a partnership was born. In August of 2001, during the midst of a three-month national tour which saw them perform with Rival Schools, Sensefield, Thursday, The Lawrence Arms and others, The Ghost recorded its debut album,This Is A Hospital, with famed producer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Big Black, The Pixies) at the helm. Through constant touring and a mutual agreement to view music as the sounds of everyday life, The Ghost is fast becoming a national musical workhorse. The band's music is simply the stuff of friendship, sincerity, and dedication. It is the sound of true poetry, an honest disclosure with all of the positive and negative attributes of each member's lives. The music is fearless and brutally real. Be forewarned...The Ghost is coming.