The Forsaken
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Traces Of The Past

Arts Of Desolation

Manifest Of Hate
HOME TOWN: Sweeden
Anders Sjöholm (vocals)
Stefan Holm (guitar)
Patrik Persson (guitar)
Nicke Grabowski (drums)
Stefan Berg (bass)

No matter how many times you have been told you are hearing the ultimate Swedish extreme (death) metal newcomer, The Forsaken proudly deliver a skillfully executed record to prove this definition is unquestionably appropiate for them! Originally formed in late 1997 as Septic Breed with a slightly different line-up, the band became serious and enthusiastically determined to conquer death metal thrones after their first demo recording Patterns Of Delusive Design garnered them positive reviews and welcoming feedback. Things ultimately started moving forward when core members Nicke Grabowski (drums), Stefan Holm and Patrik Persson (both rhythm & lead guitar) were suitably joined by Ominous/Massgrav vocalist Anders Sjöholm and Evergrey/Embraced-bassist Michael Håkansson, forming a new diabolic union called The Forsaken. The songwriting became much more inspired and technically challenging with this new formation and the band quickly created a three-track demo entitled Reaper in September 1999 at Abyss Studios with Tommy Tägtgren as engineer. The three songs can confidently be described as the most unexpectedly striking and devastating Swe-Death in some time and attracted several labels interested in signing the quintet. To better understand the thrilling outburst you are about to experience, mesh together the untamed power of the sadly defunct At The Gates, the songwriting wit of Arch Enemy, the evil melodies of Dissection and the obscure atmospheric twists of Morbid Angel. Then add in powerful doses of ultra-brutal blast beats and you have a devastating new act ready to explode and show the established acts what the new breed of Swedish death metal is all about. Century Media Records simply couldn't resist offering the band a contract and begin working on the debut album, Manifest Of Hate. The resulting poisonous ten-track blastfest (with beautifully morbid artwork packaging courtesy of American artist Mike Bohatch) was recorded throughout September 2000 at Abyss Studios again with Tommy Tägtgren, who interestingly proclaimed The Forsaken as "the best band I've recorded so far!". Manifest Of Hate is a technically impressive, precisely tight and relentless record that promises to quickly establish the band amongst the deserved elite of their musical movement.