The Fifth Sun
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Album Releases

The Hunger to Survive

The Moment of Truth
HOME TOWN: Minnesota
Bryan Horn: Vocals/Guitar
Shawn Mattila: Guitar
Brad Geroy: Bass
Patrik J Sten: Drums and Percussion

A question, per chance... How in the hell does an unsigned band travel halfway around the world to record 2 albums in the span of 3 years?

How is it possible that this same unsigned band managed to be the first American band to record at the now infamous Studio Fredman?

Hard work, dedication, devotion, and determination for starters...

With roots stretching back to 1991 and the inspiration of Bay Area thrash, Floridian death metal, and early European thrash/death metal; The Fifth Sun began its journey out of the remote north of Minnesota...

10 long years after their humble beginnings, The Fifth Sun recorded their first full-length album, 'The Moment of Truth', in May of 2001 at Studio Fredman in Göteborg, Sverige.

The band released ‘The Moment Of Truth’, independently, as no suitable label deal could be found. Ultimately, as a sign of things to come, the album garnered rave reviews from the metal press around the world.

"The Fifth Sun hurls their frozen axe deep into the heart of American Death Metal. Simply put, this album is just plain heavy." -Metal

"What really makes The Fifth Sun rise above the death metal competition is the truly remarkable musical skills and songwriting displayed. Executed with the fury and passion of hungry newcomers, yet combined with the maturity you could only expect from seasoned veterans." -Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine

"Only the late, great Death was this adept at creating intelligent death metal; The Fifth Sun have obviously been paying attention to the masters." -Rip N' Tear Magazine

"Here the word dedication suddenly gets a whole new meaning." -Punishment Magazine

"Forget about comparing The Fifth Sun to anyone, the band is a monstrous, well-oiled machine loaded with lead-heavy crunch riffing, growling, pissed-off vocals, and driving drums all blended together with super-clean production." -Digital

"This band is astonishingly versatile and there is more power and more heaviness contained in the music recorded here than you'd ever expect from the majority of melodic death metal bands." -Pull the Chain

"Of all of the independent records I have reviewed this issue, The Fifth Sun's 'The Moment Of Truth' is easily the best one, chock full of strong vocals, fast driving death metal riffs and an awesome production." -Unrestrained! Magazine

Without ever placing one promotional ad, the album sold over 1700 copies by word of mouth alone, and earned The Fifth Sun heavy rotation on college radio stations, charting up to #36 on FMQB's weekly metal charts and holding down Top 10 positions in many diverse markets.

With songs like, 'Upholding the Sacred Truth', the volatile 'Burn the Flag', and the title track, 'The Moment of Truth', the debut album only hinted at the huge potential of the band…

Fast-forward to the present… Defying the odds again, the band trekked back to Sweden in May/June of 2004 to record their second album, 'The Hunger to Survive.' Featuring monster drumming, courtesy of new drummer, Patrik J Sten (Passenger/Kerozene, ex-Transport League), and an overwhelming sense of do or die attitude, 'The Hunger to Survive' showcases a band that have truly come into their own. Soul gripping, mind-expanding heaviness, power, and aggression; all executed with passion and conviction.

With tracks like 'Nameless,' 'Ulterior Motives,' 'Meaning in the Movements,' and 'The Hunger to Survive,' The Fifth Sun has proved once again, that with or without a record label, they are a band on a mission.