The Eyes Of A Traitor
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1. Prologue
2. The Birth
3. Come To My Senses
4. The Real You
5. Your Old Ways
6. Talk Of The Town
7. Nothing To Offer
8. Breathless
9. Crumble & Break
10. Grounded

After releasing both a successful EP and full length, The Eyes Of A Traitor are back with their sophomore album “Breathless.” The album comes only a year after their debut “A Clear Perception.” While some bands flounder following their debut album, The Eyes Of A Traitor flourishes. The album ebbs and flows with melodies and intricacies that take the listener on a personal journey. The heartfelt emotion displayed on this record alone is worth experiencing. This is music with passion and fervor. Any hardcore or metalcore can easily find a home within Breathless’ walls.

“Breathless” begins with a short introduction entitled “Prologue.” While it does not give much away of what the album has to offer it is a perfect set up for the next song, “The Birth” which sets the pace of the album: fast, melodic and well constructed. “Breathless” is able to take off where “A Clear Perception” left off seamlessly, yet improves on it and shows maturation within the band. The hard-hitting metalcore that comprised the band’s repertoire previously has been retained, while the frivolous elements that held the band back have faded away. They have dropped much of the singing, and the singing that remains fits much better. In short, “Breathless” is a much more straightforward album, which works well for the band. There are expectations of the album which they have met every step of the way.

Following suit with the album’s concise nature, the production is flawless. It is crisp, clear and bright. The leads are much more pronounced this time around and the bass has much more drive. The drums and vocals are at the right levels which really helps everyone be heard. The production value adds another element to “Breathless” and shows a marked improvement from “A Clear Perception.”

BOTTOM LINE: The Eyes Of A Traitor have really stepped up their songwriting and execution with “Breathless.” This release will propel them ever higher into the metalcore and “melodic hardcore” realms. Fans will not be disappointed with “Breathless” as long as they can accept progress. Traitor are still a young band with plenty more ahead, but this album really shows their potential. It is an amazing release that should not be passed up. Fuck.

RATING: 9/11

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