The End Of All Reason
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The End Of All Reason Unveil Album Art
April 28, 2010
Belgian tech melodic death metallers, The End of All Reason, have revealed the artwork for their forthcoming album, 'Artifacts', and issued the following update:

We're proud to reveal the artwork for 'Artifacts' , created by Par Olofsson.
The album is about to be finished and we can't wait to release some music!"

1. I, Celestial (5:33)
2. The Alignment (6:43)
3. A Forlorn World (4:33)
4. The Outbreak (6:19)
5. Time Odyssey (12:36)
6. Trespassing The Spheres Over The Sand Grain Tombs Of Sumeria (5:56)
7. Universe Chronicles I (2:35)
8. Universe Chronicles II (3:54)
9. The Return (8:33)
10. Artifacts (6:50)

, which features the stellar drum work of none other than David Haley (Psycroptic), was recorded at Red Left Hand Studio by Svenchi (ex-Aborted), with mixing and mastering being handled by Michael Keene (The Faceless). 'Artifacts' is the follow up to the band's 2008 'Fragmented' EP (I For Us Records).

For more info, visit:
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The End Of All Reason Issue Update
February 18, 2010
Fast rising Belgian extremists, The End Of All Reason, have issued the following update:

"Hi friends & beloved fans,

It has been some time since The End Of All Reason is in studio at Red Left Hand Recording Studio recording our first album, 'Artifacts', and the band wished to reward you for your patience.

The End Of All Reason has uploaded a new Myspace lay-out and printed some great new merchandise. We invite you to check out our Myspace page at to read the awesome blogs about 'Artifacts'.

Small summary:
Recordings are done at Svenchi Janssens' studio (ex-Aborted) who's also our bassplayer. Drumtracks were done by Dave Haley (Psycroptic). Mixing and mastering of our upcoming album 'Artifacts' will be done by Michael Keene (The Faceless).

Hope to see you soon on the road (new gigs posted online)."

Follow The End Of All Reason Online:
Official Myspace:
Official Twitter:
Official iLike:
Official Merchstore:
Official Facebook:
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Scribbles And Bits...
January 30, 2010
Southern California extremists, Oblige, who seemed to have fallen off the grid for some time with no real news or updates, have returned with a scathing brand new track entitled "Drip Drip", which can be streamed now via the band's Official Myspace page.

UK Death Metallers, Martyr Defiled, have posted a brand new song entitled "Plaguebearer" on their Official Myspace page. The track, which is taken from their as yet untitled forthcoming full length album, features a guest vocal appearance from Steve Regan (Annotations Of An Autopsy).

Polish extreme metallers, Before A Burning Earth (B.A.B.E.) have made songs from their 'Doomsday Is Coming' EP release available for free download at this location. The EP is also available for purchase through the band and comes in Digipack format with a t-shirt.

Belgian tech melodic death metallers, The End Of All Reason will be heading into the studio tomorrow for the first day of vocal recordings. Updates on the bands progress in the studio will be posted on the band'y Myspace page as well as here when they are made available.

Philly metallers, A Life Once Lost, who much like Oblige have been hibernating for far too long already, have finally posted an update via the band's Myspace page: "Working on finishing writing the album starting this week...bout time. We were a sleeping giant...New album will shred." Look forward to a new album later this year.

Washington's Xtian metalcore titans, Demon Hunter, as a part of their "50 Days Of Demon Hunter" campaign leading up to the release of their new album 'The World Is A Thorn', have posted a Photo Shoot Vlog at this location.

Chicago's own meshuggahcore titans, Veil Of Maya, have issued the following update via their official myspace blog: "We have completed the tracking on our new album titled [id]. The album was produced by Michael Keene (The Faceless), and is expected to see an April 2010 release date. A brand new song from the album will premier the second week of February on this Myspace page . Until then, you can hear a couple new songs live on our headline tour with support from Animals As Leaders, Circle Of Contempt and Periphery. Following the headliner we will take part in this year's Atticus Metal Tour II w/ Unearth, Stick To Your Guns, The Ghost Inside and Carnifex."
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The End Of All Reason Issue Huge Update, Reveal Track List
November 19, 2009
Fast rising Belgian progressive death metallers, The End Of All Reason, have issued the following exclusive update to

"Hi folk,
Here's another update from planet TEOAR:

We'll start off by telling our bassplayer Thomas Swalens called it quits a few weeks ago. Thomas was one of the founding members of this band and we had an awesome run together. So it's really sad to see him go but we respect his decision. He will play the remaining shows till January. Here's his statement:

"After 4 years I have decided to leave the band. I want to thank everybody involved with teoar and espacially the bandmembers for all the opportunities and chances they gave me! I also want to thank them for supporting the decision I made. It have been 4 amazing years that I will never forget, but it's time to move on now."

Needless to say we wish him all the best for his future endeavours. Thanks for everything bro! Thomas is still playing in One Ethic, so make sure to check them out at

So with that being said and done, we're proud to welcome Sven 'Bassturbator/Svenchi' Janssens (ex-Aborted) as our new bassplayer. We're all extremely excited to have him in the band. He's an amazing musician and such an overall nice guy... Welcome dude!
Here's a couple of words from his side:

"The first time I recorded these guys ('Fragmented' EP 2008 ), they blew me away. After hearing the preproductions of the new songs I was so impressed, that they blew me away even more... So it's needless to say that I'm very pleased to follow in Thomas' footsteps!" *Sven uses Ibanez guitars and Elixir strings exclusively.*

In other news, we're excited to finally tell you that we'll be recording our new album, 'Artifacts' in December! It has been over a year now since we released our EP and we're confident that this one will top it in every way. We'll be recording guitars, bass and vocals at Sven's Red Left Hand Studio during the whole month. Drums are being recorded as we speak by Dave Haley (Psycroptic). Here's what he has to say about our collaboration:

"I'm very happy and excited to be working with TEOAR as they are an extremely talented group of young musicians who have written very original and exciting music."

So basically we're stoked to get into fifth gear for this one!! We're also gonna be putting up studio reports along the way, so you can follow the progress...

Your feedback matters a lot to us so feel free to get back at us with your comments, remarks or simply to share your excitement."

Official Tracklist:
01. Paradigma Shift
02. I, Celestial
03. The Alignment
04. A Forlorn World
05. The Outbreak
06. Time Odyssey
07. Trespassing The Spheres Over The Sand Grain Tombs Of Sumeria
08. Universe Chronicles Pt.1
09. Universe Chronicles Pt.2
10. The Return
11. Artifacts

Photos from The End Of All Reason's 'Artifacts' studio sessions were posetd online in the band's Myspace photos, which you can check out at this location.

The End Of All Reason released their stunning debut EP, entitled 'Fragmented', in 2008 via IForUs Records.

Visit The End Of All Reason Online:
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The End Of All Reason Post Studio Photos Online
September 14, 2009
Fast rising Belgian metal extremists, The End Of All Reason, have posted photos from the 'Artifacts' studio sessions in the band's Myspace photo album. Check out one of the photos below.

The End Of All Reason are also currently involved in the Rock The Nation Award 2009 contest. You can vote for them at by doing the following:
1) Click on the link above
2) Click on the letter "T"
3) Find and Vote For The End Of All Reason

In other news, the band recently issued the following massive update on the recording of the new album, 'Artifacts', amongst numerous other things going on in the TEOAR camp:

"Hi there! So finally a big update on how things are going in TEOAR world.

We've been working our asses off on completing our full length album and beside some details in a couple of songs, it's done. We're very stoked to head into the studio for this one, as it really feels like it's the best material we've ever written. It took some time and a lot of effort but it's gonna be worth it, that's for sure!

The album will be called 'Artifacts', it has 10 tracks spreading over 60 minutes. Most of them are around 5-6 minutes long, but there are shorter ones and much longer ones (the longest song is 12 minutes long). Stylewise it's faster and way more agressive than our EP. And allthough most of the songs are death metal oriented, there are lots of surprises hidden in there. Also, the songstructures are thought through a lot more.

One of the aspects that we're most proud of is the storyline. It's a concept album about time travelling. And to visualize the story we contacted Par Olofsson who created one of his most breathtaking covers ever. Ofcourse we won't be revealing this anytime soon. Just made sure that the artwork-phase was out of the way...

We will be heading into the studio in late september, early october. Once again we'll be working with Sven Janssens, this time in his brand new studio, so we are very much looking forward to that! It's still too early to pick a release date already, but we figure it will be around March.

And since we were missing someone in the drum department for such a long time, we had to look for a studio drummer. Again, we're still keeping this confidential for some time. But what we CAN say is that we're very, very stoked about it! In the mean time, we have a new session drummer filling in for all the dates we have coming up. So we still remain in search for a permanent drummer. (For those who are interested to try out, mail to

We also have a brandnew myspace up and running, please feel free to snoop
around on it a bit! As you can see we alo have a new logo. We figured it was time to change it, as we were looking for something more timeless. It fits the new music way better.

And last but not least, we're very proud to announce the following endorsement deals that we recently picked up:
Tech 21
Skull Strings

Music Office Brussels
And there are more companies to follow!

Also we will be working with metal legends such as Sven Janssens (Aborted)
as our producer, Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated) for the mixing
& Dirty Icon Productions for our Mastering!!

So that's it for now, we'll try to keep you updated a little more in the future!"

The End Of All Reason
released a stunning EP, entitled 'Fragmented', in 2008 via IForUs Records.

You can follow The End Of All Reason online to get updates and more via the following links:,,,
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HOME TOWN: Brussels, Belgium
Vincent Boedt - Vocals
Tom Sergeant - Guitar
Sven "Bassturbator/Svenchi" Janssens - Bass
Thaddé Mahmourian - Guitar
??? - Drums
*Dave Haley (Psycroptic) - Session Studio Drummer

THE END OF ALL REASON is a five piece progressive metal band from Brussels, Belgium, spawn in the wake of 2004. So far, 2008 has been a productive year for this evergrowing metalmachine: A new drummer, a record deal with IFORUS Records and the recording of the long awaited EP entitled: FRAGMENTED.

Recorded by Aborted's Sven Janssens and mastered at Hertz Studios (Decapitated, Vader, Kronos...), Fragmented further explores the band's boundaries while maintaining and improving the ferocity and passion they are known for. The effort contains 5 songs and has a playtime of about 28 minutes!

The band had allready started writing the record in the summer of 2007 but due to a line up change and some technical problems, the recordings were postponed over and over. However, during this last year, TEOAR kept on evolving, and every song underwent a complete metamorphosis. New lyrics were written to match the 'man vs machine' theme of this EP.

Over the years, TEOAR has shared the stage with numerous bands from The Black Dahlia Murder and Aborted to All Shall Perish. With their new line up and EP they are all set to bring the storm.
Influenced by bands like Dissection, Neuraxis, Anata, Spawn of Possession, Decapitated, Keep of Kalessin, Opeth, Wintersun, Psycroptic, Behemoth, Meshuggah, Unexpect, Suffocation, Aurora Borealis, Emperor, Nile, Bloodbath, Dimmu Borgir, Cryptopsy, etc. the band aims to keep on evolving and to explore new horizons on future efforts.

The band is curently working on the first full length: An epic concept album that will contain about 10 songs and have a playtime of over 60 minutes!!! A whole storyline for the lyrics is being created at the moment, and preproductions are almost ready. Everything will be recorded once again by Sven Janssens somewhere next year. About the new album, the band is brief but clear; "It's gonna be epic, fast and brutal as f*ck, darker than black, and way more extreme in every way!!"

Now raise those horns the fuck up!