The Endless Endeavor
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Jonathon - Lead Guitar
Levi - Drums
Byron - Bass
Vinny - Vocals
J.T. - Vokills
Eric - Rhythm Guitar

We struggle every day in the pursuit of our dreams, which always seem to be just out of reach. This music is an attempt to encapsulate the frustration and rage of the hard-fought losses in our lives, intermingled with the sweet glory of those precious few victories. Fusing the cathartic anger of hardcore, the relentless fury of metal, and elements of post-rock melody, all the while emphasizing technical musicianship, we seek to provide a complex listening experience that has the potential to move minds to thoughts, and hands to action.

We have been compared to Protest the Hero,  Antagonist, and Misery Signals, but with a distinct, unique sound. Featuring ex-members of locally established bands For the Empire, Fair Verona, The Dying Year, Etiquette and The Defeatist we are  determined to succeed at all costs, surpassing all previous ventures.