The Destiny Program
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Subversive Blueprint (The 12-Point Program To Self Revolution)
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1. The Personal Revolution (4:41) 
2. Project Hoax (4:03)
3. Welcome Overboard (3:47)
4. The Appeal (3:07)
5. Daeva (4:50)
6. Escape The Living Plan (4:48)
7. Rebel Press (4:30)
8. Walk In Step With The March Of History (5:12)
9. The Frequency (4:24)
10. Neurosis And Projection (2:54)
11. With A Modern Punk Flavor (3:31)
12. Mithra (6:50)


This album managed to stand out from the rest because of the layout, which makes it seem as if it's a genuine soundtrack to a major motion picture. And to some degree, it's also designed to seem as if it is it's own motion picture.

Push play and immediately go back to the hey day of Earth Crisis, Strife and Snapcase mixed together with the modern vocal stylings of Jamey Jasta, and a bit of Nuerosis, only with an added clean vocal factor. Unfortunately, the clean vocals are not the best, and despite the choruses being somewhat memorable and catchy, fails due to the vocalists lack of overall ability in the clean dept.With Anders Friden being one of the men behind the production boards, you would think that he might have lent a hand in some clean vocal coaching.

Outside of that, having the production team of Anders Friden and Daniel Bergstrand, along with the legendary Tue Madsen mixing, and you would think that anything they collaborate on would be golden. And while The Destiny Program doesn't necessarily fuck that up, they don't make it easy for the production team. As many many vocalists in metal have stated, if you can't sing, don't try.

The lyrical content is the savior. With the content bordering on the political, allthewhile being positive, and potentially as a call to arms of sorts.......or rather a revolution, The Destiny Program succeed on every level. Extremely concise for lyrical content, but the band still more than manages to get their point across without having to bring content down to a measly 2 minutes per song or less, as it was years ago.


'The Destiny Program - Subversive Blueprint - The 12 Point Program To Self Revolution', aside from having an extremely long title for an album, is worth checking out. There are so many elements within this record alone that bring to mind a ton of the classic bands that gave Victory it's big push. There aren't many bands out there today that can still put out a quality sounding album. Fortuantely, The Destiny Program doesn't have that problem.

This album is for fans of Earth Crisis, Madball, and even Hatebreed. Don't let the obnoxiously long album title fool you into thinking it's emo. It's far from it!!

RATING: 7/11

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Subversive Blueprint (The 12-Point Program To Self Revolution)