The Defaced
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News Hosting Premiere Of New Song From The Defaced
February 4, 2011
AOL's source for all things hard rock and metal is currently hosting an exclusive stream of the track "The Perfect Shame" from The Defaced's upcoming release "Anomaly" The album will be in stores on February 22 on Scarlet Records. Get your first listen to "The Perfect Shame" at

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The Defaced Completes Work On 'Anomaly'
April 24, 2007
The Defaced, the Swedish band featuring Darkane/Terror 2000 guitarist Klas Ideberg, has posted the following message on its official web site:

"HOLY HELL!!! It's been way too long since we updated this page. But, we're right on track here people. What we've been up to since the final mastering of the [third The Defaced] album was made is just basically taking some time off. Charging the batteries and warming up the engine. Basically, we needed a break to get back focus.

"Delays, delays and delays into stupidity… But it definitely turned out to be on the better side of things. We got our shit together, re-recorded the vocals and re-mixed the album. And here we are, with a hell of an album for you and a management with a plan!

"On Monday April 30th we'll post samples of three new songs on One of them is a full song, so how about that? We'll also update with some smoking fresh photos of the new line up shot just the other week.

"We haven't talked much about what the album sounds like so far but to summarize I guess you could say that we didn't want to care about what others would say when they heard the final product. We wrote songs as they came along with all the ingredients you would expect from The Defaced. 'Anomaly' is more diverse, more dynamic… has more grooves, more energy, more melodies, more aggression…just more of everything. A natural progression from 'Karma in Black'. 'Anomaly' has a range from mellow to fast pounding songs. But hey: Fear not, it's all The Defaced.

"This sounds like the usual blah blah from a band releasing an album. But this is our honest-to-goddamn opinion that this album is right up there, all hands down. Hope you'll feel it too when you hear it.

"Our management is already in talks with labels for the release. More shipping of 'Anomaly' will reach other labels in short. Hopefully we know before this summer who's going to release 'Anomaly' and have it out to you guys early fall."

'Anomaly' track listing:

01. Remaining Eternal
02. Flame to Life
03. Blood of Emeralds
04. In Solitude Entwined
05. The Perfect Shame
06. Circle VIII
07. Renewal Defined
08. Imprisoned Insolence
09. Turn to Incomplete
10. The Fundamental Human Neurosis
11. The Test
Bonus tracks:
12. Exhale
13. The spirit of Ecstasy

The Defaced's sophomore album, 'Karma In Black', was issued in 2003 via Italy's Scarlet Records.
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HOME TOWN: Helsingborg, Sweden
Mattias Andersen - Bass
Klas Ideberg - Guitar
Mattias Svensson - Guitar
Jens Broman - Vocals
Henrik Pommer - Drums

The Defaced was born in late 1999 after the members had broken off with their pasts in different local acts. The line-up proved to be molded out of hardest steel in both musicianship and friendship. Henrik Sjowall, Mattias Svensson, Klas Ideberg (Darkane / Terror 2000), Jorgen Lofberg (Darkane) and Henry Ranta (Soilwork) started writing material for the purpose of recording a demo to be sent to labels. When several songs were ready the band hit the studio to lay down four tracks. The result turned out very well indeed which was proven with the fact that the demo was sent to only one label (Scarlet) that immediately signed the band. The Defaced started writing and preparing for the recording of a debut album, which was recorded in February 2001 in Hit-Parade studios in Orkelljunga, Sweden.

The album, “Domination Commence”, was released in September the same year in Europe and Japan, and in February 2002 in the American territories, by Nuclear Blast America. “Domination Commence” rounded up tons of great reviews and the bands reputation started to grow. Live gigs were hailed, both domestically and internationally which strengthened the reputation even further.

In August of 2002 The Defaced was once again ready to hit the studio, this time for the recording of the second album. Many things had changed for the band, in the musical expression as well as in the sound. It was evident, even at pre-production, that the new material was going bring the bands sound and material up not just a notch, but miles above the first album. The recording sessions this time around were to take place in Queenstreet Recording and in Not quite studio.

In October of 2002 the album was finished. With fat production, strong melodies, creativity, originality and skill: The result totally speaks for itself! The album was given the title “Karma in Black” and a video was shot for the track Once in Between.

In 2004 Lofberg left the band and was replaced by Mattias Andersen. With his dynamic base playing he created the perfect complement to The Defaced’s sound. New songs were already finished and the band entered the Studio in 2005 to record a third album. The new record was recorded in Ceasar Studio (ex Queenstreet recordings) and Palace of Noise studio and was mixed by Klas Ideberg in Sensus Studios in Helsingborg.

In 2005 Henrik Sjowall and Henry Ranta left the band to concentrate on their private lives. Sjowall was replaced by Jens Broman and the drum chair was filled by Henrik Pommer. New members mean new blood and a new start for a second chapter of The Defaced. The band decided to re-record the vocals for the new album since Broman brought a more aggressive sound to the vocals than before and added more melodic influences.

The title of the album is set to “Anomaly” and the search for a new label home can commence…

The Defaced… stronger than ever…