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The Crown Sign Worldwide Deal With Century Media
July 1, 2010
Swedish Death Metal legends The Crown have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. Marko Tervonen (guitars) states: "We are happy as hell to turn a new page in The Crown's history book and to pick up the journey with Century Media Records supporting us feels great. We can't wait to unleash the new album, 'Doomsday King', upon you all!"

Jens Prueter
(Head of A+R, Century Media Europe) further comments: "Some of the very early Century Media signings have been Unleashed, Grave, Tiamat, Asphyx, Morgoth - the glory days of the first Death Metal wave. We are still in love with Death Metal and are more than proud to announce the signing of Swedish Death Metal legends The Crown. They haven't lost any aggression since the early 90's and are still a guarantee for some Death Metal Holocaust! In case of doubt, go to one of the summer festivals and hear some new songs live before the album's fall release. We will be there as well. Cheers!"

The band was founded in 1990 in Trollhattan under the name Crown of Thorns but was forced to change their name to The Crown in 1998 due to another band from the U.S. using that name. Three of the original founding members are still in the band: Marko Tervonen (guitar), Magnus Olsfelt (bass) and Janne Saarenpaa (drums). In 1993, Marcus Sunesson (guitar) stepped in to replace Robert Osterberg. In 2004, the band announced their break up, but by good luck for all Death Metal fans, the band decided to reform in 2009 with Jonas Stalhammar (from the Death Metal pioneers God Macabre) taking over vocal duties from Johan Lindstrand.

The new album 'Doomsday King' is planned for fall release and stay tuned to for all new info as it becomes available.
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Johan Lindstrand (vocals)
Magnus Olsfelt (bass)
Marko Tervonen (guitar)
Marcus Sunesson (guitar)
Janne Saarenpää (drums)

The band was originally formed back in 1990 as a primitive garage act and made their first public appearance on a local compilation CD in 1992. In 1993 the band recorded the new infamous Forever Heaven Gone demo with it's dark and brutal sound. It received some underground attention and got the band a gig at the Hultsfred-Festival alongside major acts like THE RAMONES and ENTOMBED. The band had now grown into better songwriters and musicians and the result was a very brutal, intense and evil Death Metal sound but with a lot more feeling and melody to it. Some zines wrote that it was a perfect mix between the American and Scandinavian sound… This led to a deal with the new Swedish metal label Black Sun Records. The debut CD The Burning featured songs from both the demos alongside some new material and was praised as being one of the strongest and most brutal albums of 1995. In January/February of 1998 THE CROWN hit the road and raised some serious hell alongside SACRILEGE featuring Tomas Lindberg (ex-AT THE GATES). After having seen a show on this European tour, a member of the Metal Blade Records team was very impressed; even after having a beer kicked in his face by singer Johan, and after some conspiring with Satan a deal was made between the hellish band and the legendary metal label. In early 2001 singer Johan Lindstrand decided to leave the band after eleven years and taking his place was legendary Tomas Lindberg (ex-AT THE GATES). After destroying some summer festivals in 2001 the bands fifth album Crowned In Terror was recorded and released in April 2002. Crowned In Terror was heavily praised by both the media and fans as being one of the best releases of the year gaining the band the cover feature of Metal Maniacs. After a US tour with DARKEST HOUR as the support the band headed back to Sweden where after a show in Stockholm Tomas Lindberg and the band parted ways mutually. The band still had some festivals to play so the original singer Johan offered to help out until a full time replacement could be found. The shows went very well so one hazy night at a bar guitarist Marko asked Johan if he would be interested in being the full time singer once again… and his answer was yes! So in the fall of 2002 THE CROWN was back with the original line-up and ready to make some waves in the heavy metal community. While new material was being written, smaller tours were played in Finland, Italy, and then a two-week tour all over Europe. In May 2003 the new album was recorded at Studio Fredman. As it marks the 13th anniversary of the band and contains 13 tracks, the album was appropriately titled POSSESSED 13. On this album THE CROWN sums up all that they are about on one great album. It is a total tribute to all that they have done. Filled with brand new riffs next to specially selected and finely matured 13-year-old riffs ripped up from the unreleased past and awoken in a new deadly fashion as only THE CROWN can do. The power of this album is striking, classic catchy old-school riffs in a fresh new way of sound and song making.