The Contortionist
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1. Infection
2. Realms
3. Eyes: Closed
4. Eyes: Open
5. Oscillator
6. Apparition
7. Predator

At this point in time, there is no question that the deathcore genre is overrun by generic, two-bit bands. Because of this over-saturation of deathcore bands, the few that are actually pushing ahead tend to go ignored by the jaded listener. I can see this being the case with The Contortionist. At first glance, The Contortionist may be taken as forgettable, but upon further analysis it becomes clear that these guys are doing something spectacular.

"Apparition" is the band’s second release, their first being "Shapeshifter." Though only being released a year after "Shapeshifter", "Apparition" is strides ahead. The album creates a dichotomy between hard hitting breakdowns and elongated, eloquent guitar sequences. One moment your chest is caving in, the next your mind opens and you are weightless. Not only does the band combine such contrasting elements, but they do so organically and seamlessly. It appears that each song was written with careful consideration and planning, not an amalgamation of riffs. Each song adds a different element, creating a spectrum of amazing sounds.

The production on "Apparition" is exactly how it should sound. The tones are not so polished and overproduced that it sounds fake, but it is also not overly raw. It is apparent that these guys are creating their own music and not interested in studio magic. The guitars are clean and bright, but are also able to delve deep into darkness. The drums follow along nicely and add simple things here and there – no ostentation. The bassist also gets into the mix and helps the drummer keep the guitars in line. The vocals on Apparition fit perfectly with the music. They are raw and intense, with a large focus on lows and a selection of highs. The members of this band work off of one another, and do so flawlessly.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for a heavy cd that also has great moments of beauty, pick up this album. The talent displayed on this offering is impressive. "Apparition" easily surpasses the other deathcore releases of this year. To think that this band is unsigned and will likely top themselves again with their next release is mind boggling. The Contortionist has a bright future ahead of them and I cannot wait to hear what they do next.

RATING: 10/11

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