The Cleansing
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Album Releases

Poisoned Legacy
HOME TOWN: Copenhagen, Sjaelland, Denmark
Toke Eld - Vocals
Jeppe Hasseriis - Guitar
Andreas Lynge - Guitar
Martin Rosendahl - Bass
Morten Lowe - Drums

Brutal, aggressive and catchy are keywords when it comes to Danish death metallers THE CLEANSING. The Copenhagen based quintet combine intense and unique melodies with both old school and modern death metal elements. Inspired by bands such as Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal and Immolation, THE CLEANSING have perfected their own devastating style of death metal. Performed with almost surgical precision and with a clear yet heavy and intense production thanks to Danish metal producer JACOB HANSEN (Aborted, Yyrkoon, Destruction, The Arcane Order etc.) THE CLEANSING have spawned an album that will appeal to both death metal fans and metal heads in general!

The members of THE CLEANSING are no strangers to the Danish death metal scene. Guitarists Andreas Lynge, Jeppe Hasseriis and vocalist Toke Eld have all been members of USIPIAN and founded THE CLEANSING after Usipian split-up in early 2007. Drummer Morten Løwe is known for his work with SUBMISSION, THE ARCANE ORDER and has done session jobs for SOILWORK and SCARVE among others. Bass player Martin Rosendahl is best known as the vocalist/bass player for CORPUS MORTALE and has also been a member of Danish death metal legends INIQUITY.