The Burning Room
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We Invented Thunder!
The Burning Room Line Up West Coast Tour, Post Music Video
October 19, 2006
The Burning Room and Dear Whoever will be hitting the road together in November for a quick west coast run. Dates confirmed for the tour are as follows:
11/3 Lebanon, OR - Club Hipnotiq
11/4 Roseburg, OR - James Meyers Center
11/5 Stockton, CA - The Amaraen Cafe
11/6 Lemoore, CA - Players Pool Hall
11/7 Fresno, CA - Pizza Land
11/8 Los Angeles, CA - The Knitting Factory
11/9 Temecula, CA - The Firehouse
11/10 Lancaster, CA - Cedar Centre
11/11 Victorville, CA - Trilogy Theater
11/12 Tempe, AZ - Big Fish Pub
11/13 Phoneix, AZ - The One Place
11/15 Cedar City, UT - The Grind
11/17 Idaho Falls, ID - Las Pulgas
11/18 Yakima, WA - First Presbyterian Church
11/19 Richland, WA - Rays Golden Lyon

In other news, The Burning Room's music video for their track "Ninjas & Cops Don't Mix" has been posted online. You can check out the video here. The song comes from the band's album 'We Invented Thunder', which is in stores now through Mediaskare Records.
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Thunder In The Room
May 15, 2006
The Burning Room, which features former Anatomy Of A Ghost guitarist Dewey Halpaus, has posted three tracks from their upcoming debut album We Invented Thunder online. You can listen to the tracks "Ninjas And Cops Don't Mix", "We Burn Our Witches At Dawn", and "Who Calls Shotgun In A Limo?" here. We Invented Thunder is set to hit stores June 6th through Mediaskare Records.

Additionally, the band has finalized the track listing for the album, it will be as follows:
1. The Eye Of The Storm
2. We Invented Thunder
3. Ninjas And Cops Don't Mix
4. We Burn Our Witches At Dawn
5. In Vino Veritas
6. Mastering The Art Of Forgiveness
7. A Night To Remember
8. Don't Ever Take Sides Against The Family
9. Who Calls Shotgun In A Limo?
10. Countdown's In The Trunk
11. Bum, As In Anus Or As In Transient?
12. A Short Drop With A Sudden Stop
13. Rough Waters And The Commitment Of A Captain
14. Veni, Vidi, Vici!
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HOME TOWN: Portland, OR
John Wood (vocals)
Dewey Halpaus (guitar)
John Fulwyler (bass)
Travis Wisner (drums)
Rustin (keyboards/vocals)

As the corpse's of Anatomy of a Ghost and The School Play were still warm in the summer of 2004 The Burning Room was born. As guitarist/vocalist Dewey Halpaus (AOAG) and John Wood (The School Play) decided to bring thier new project to life. Quickly gathering up Travis Wisner (The School Play) to play drums for the project and cycling through a seemingly endless amount of bass players, the group stumbled upon 18 year old John Fulwyler, thus ending the bass player rotation. With the addition of Rustin on keyboards/vocals/lighting in 2005, the band had found thier niche.Now With the self release of two EP's (2004's "Kill EP", and 2005's "We Burn Our Witches At Dawn") and two west coast tours under thier belt the band plans to tour for the rest of the year and to complete a full length effort by mid summer.Twisting and turning through an onslaught of Halpaus' brutally shrill, beautifully melodic, and surgically calculated guitars provide a swirling and crashing soundtrack to the savage, untamed roars that John Wood emits. Like a 10 foot tall beast from hell, he rips the stage apart and at the same time bringing out the soothing vocals that can put that beast to bed. Wisner's pulse pounding beats hit hard with the precision and power of carefully executed explosion, as bass player John Fulwyler sets the fuse with his low end assault of his jazzy thick bass lines, and Rustin's high end screams, and subtle ambience complete the total face melting power of The Burning Room experience.