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The Bronx
Every Time I Die Hits The Road
November 4, 2008
Buffalo rockers Every Time I Die have issued the following update:

"An Open Letter to Axl Rose Ending With an Impression of Howard Dean,

Thanks a shitload Axl. You haven't put out a GNR record in 10 years and the month we decide to go out on a tour cleverly named "November Reign", you find it prime time for "Chinese Democracy" to hit shelves. You couldn't have waited another 3 weeks? We haven't done a single headlining tour on "The Big Dirty" so this was a really big deal for us. You should have seen Josh's face light up when he thought of the name. The guys in The Bronx and Stick To Your Guns were happier than pigs in shit to be a part of this epic journey across the east coast. But you just couldn't stand to see us happy.

Buckethead probably wouldn't have stolen our thunder. And when I met Matt Sorum at House of Guitars like 16 years ago, he came off as a real nice dude who would be glad to let us have November to ourselves. Well fuck it, we're doing it anyways. Starting November 1st, we're going to Quebec City! and then we're going to Milwaukee! And then we're going to JOPLIN AND NASHVILLE AND RICHMOND AND THEN WE'RE GOING TO FARMINGDALE TO TAKE BACK THE CRAZY DONKEY!!! BEYYYYYAAAWWW!!!!!

love Every Time I Die.

ps. you rock."

11/1 - L'ANTI - Quebec City, Quebec
11/2 - Club Soda - Montreal, Quebec
11/3 - Babylon - Ottawa, Ontario
11/4 - Opera House - Toronto, Ontario
11/5 - Call the Office - London, Ontario
11/6 - The Intersection - Grand Rapids, Michigan
11/7 - Turner Hall Ballroom - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
11/8 - Picador - Iowa City, Iowa
11/9 - Blue Note - Columbia, Missouri
11/11 - Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11/12 - The Foundry Music Theatre - Joplin, Missouri
11/13 - New Daisy Theatre - Memphis, Tennessee
11/14 - Rocketown - Nashville, Tennessee
11/15 - Handlebar - Greenville, South Carolina
11/17 - Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, North Carolina
11/18 - The Soapbox Laundrolounge - Wilmington, North Carolina
11/19 - The Canal Club - Richmond, Virginia
11/20 - Recher Theatre - Towson, Maryland
11/21 - School of Rock - South Hackensack, New Jersey
11/22 - The Crazy Donkey - Farmingdale, New York
11/23 - Lost Horizon - Syracuse, New York
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Soundscan Report: Eighteen Visions, Helmet, The Bronx
July 26, 2006
Eighteen Visions' self-titled new album, has sold just over 11,000 copies in its first week of release in the United States to debut at position No. 74 on next week's The Billboard 200 chart. Meanwhile, Helmet's latest effort, 'Monochrome', registered a first-week tally of almost 5,500 copies — a step down from the nearly 10,000 units that its predecessor, 'Size Matters', opened with back in October 2004.

The following are notable heavy metal/hard rock U.S. sales debuts for the week ending July 23, 2006, as reported by Nielsen SoundScan (all figures are rounded to the nearest thousand. The Billboard 200 chart position included, where applicable):

Eighteen Visions – 'Eighteen Visions': 11,000 (#74)
Black Stone Cherry – 'Black Stone Cherry': 10,000 (#90)
Alien Ant Farm – 'Up in the Attic': 9,000 (#114)
Helmet – 'Monochrome': 5,000 (#159)
The Bronx – 'The Bronx': 4,000
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HOME TOWN: Los Angeles, CA
Matt (vocals)
Joby (guitar)
Tweety (bass)
Jorma (drums)

This album was recorded in a live setting (except for 3 tracks). The band setting equipment up in a room, placing large pieces of foam between the amplifiers and drum kit to keep the different instruments from bleeding together, standing some mics up and pressing record. Didn’t even use headphones.

While strictly adhering to the 3 take rule, there are mistakes, off notes, miss-hits, and out of tune instruments. Most people would call that a poor recording, we call it music. The way music is actually played. The way it sounds is the way it is going to be heard. This album was made at peoples houses at weird hours of the night on loads of uppers, cigarettes and coffee.

The first session of this record was done in a friends renovated garage in Los Angeles. These tracks were not recorded live only because of the size of the room we were working with. We could barely fit the drum kit and mics in the tracking room. It was so small that our drummer actually had to sit at his kit, then have the mics placed after he was in. No kidding. The drum tracks were laid down from memory before any other instrument was laid down or other band members had even arrived. Yes. He is that good.

These tracks were written the night before we recorded them, in a borrowed rehearsal studio where we completely stripped and reworked each song to our satisfaction. That session lasted 2 days and the result was Heart Attack American, White Tar, and Strobe Life.

The next session we did was with Gilby Clarke at his home in Los Angeles where I talked his face off about Axl and Slash. The majority of my time there was spent questioning Gilby about Guns n Roses rather then focusing on my guitar playing. But, the tracks came out nice, and Gilby let me use some of his guitars which were far superior then the ones I have. So it sounds good. All of the songs we completed in the session were tracked live. The result of this session was False Alarm, Notice of Eviction, and Kill My Friends.

The last session we did, we returned to Gilby's house. The songs written for this session were the result of lots of frustration over people close to us passing away, seeing a person get shot 7 times and trying to stop the blood gushing from bullet holes in his neck, a couple overdoses, having no money, not being able to drive anywhere because of warrants, unpaid tickets and no insurance, and basically having Los Angeles kick us in the teeth every day. Once again - all songs were tracked live, and we even let Gilby sing on a song. the result was I got Chills, They Will Kill Us All, Cobra Lucha, and Gun Without Bullets.

These days rock is dead, punk - we wont even go there, and emo dudes are carrying purses. Music... well, music is exactly where is should be.

Fuck your silverlakes, fuck your melroses, fuck your sunset strips. this is Hollywood Blvd. Just a bunch of junkies, hookers, pimps and bookies.