The Blank Theory
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Album Releases

Beyond the Calm of the Corridor
HOME TOWN: Chicago, IL
Michael Foderaro (guitar)
Nathan Leone (vocals/guitar)
Matthew Leone (bass)
James Knight (drums)
Shawn Currie (programming/synth)

For The Blank Theory, the language of assaulting guitars and grooves underpinning melodic and cerebral melodies remains the essential medium to communicate in a world that has become fragmented and fraught with the pains of modern life. Four and a half years ago The Blank Theory played their first show at the underground performance space The Cold Room. With a month of practice behind them, a certain groove was achieved, a hint of transcendence in the midst of their inexperience. It was enough of a hint for the band to continue and work their asses off to hone their craft to a crisp perfection. The result is 13 songs of hard-edged grooves mixed with emotionally astute songwriting contained on their debut album Beyond the Calm of the Corridor, released September 24th on Scratchie/New Line Records. Growing up in Chicago the members of The Blank Theory have know each other for most of their lives, the brothers Leone are, in fact, identical twins. The twins always knew Michael as a musical prodigy. He had been playing guitar since age 10, practicing the riffs of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and burning with the need to make music his life. Following a few years in college the two twins returned to Chicago where they sought out Michael and found that, despite the years of separation, the three shared a common musical vision and more importantly, a shared outlook on the social world. When the three later brought in drummer, James Knight and keyboardist Shawn Currie, The Blank Theory was born. For four years The Blank Theory honed their songwriting and played live to a growing cadre of dedicated fans. As an unsigned group with a few self-released EPs, the band managed to repeatedly sell out such vaunted spaces as Chicago’s Cabaret Metro with their sound that brought together the groove heavy riffs of Black Sabbath with the modern-day influences of bands like Helmet and Tool. With such a groundswell of grass-roots fan support, it was almost a demand that the band create a full-length album for a hungry fan base hungry. In 2001, The Blank Theory signed with Scratchie/New Line records and with producers James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) and Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) and crafted their debut “Beyond the Calm Of the Corridor. "More than ever, rock music has a purpose," explains Matthew. "I remember hearing Smashing Pumpkins or My Bloody Valentine and feeling as if my very emotions were being translated into music. There is a lot of gimmicky music out there, but rock music really has the power to take those angst-ridden emotions such as anger and frustration and transcend them, turning them into something cathartic and useful. With all the insanity in our present day world, we aim in our music to take the full range of emotions and issues, both personal and political and turn them into something people can feel as their own and identify with." The Blank Theory aspires to enter the musical landscape with the squeal of an electric guitar and the unrelenting force of rolling drums. And with their hearts on their sleeves, they will remind us that rock music is still the language that can best translate the modern world into a beautiful, yet harsh, moment of understanding. ................................ The Blank Theory refers to the notion of a person or institution with the prepotency to peddle an ideal to the masses. Their methodology aims directly at the most prevalent global weakness, insecurity. The cost of subscribing is not a monetary one, but of high value nonetheless. It is the cost of free thought and the desire to pursue a greater understanding.