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The Berzerker: 'Animosity' Available At Earache US Webstore
March 1, 2007
A limited edition import version of The Berzerker's upcoming album, 'Animosity', is now available on the Earache Records US web store. The limited edition features a bonus exclusive live DVD filmed on The Berzerker’s most recent UK tour, during their performance at the London Dome in the UK! The live DVD is an ultra rare testament to The Berzerker’s outrageously brutal live shows and will not be released anywhere else.

*There are limited quantities of this DVD packed special edition of 'Animosity' available. 'Animosity' marks The Berzerker’s fourth release under the Earache banner.
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Exclusive Deicide/Berzerker EP's Available On iTunes
January 29, 2007
Exclusive EPs from Deicide and The Berzerker are available to download on the iTunes store. These EPs both set the tone for the devastating aural assaults that both of these bands have to offer in 2007.

Following up the blistering release of 2006's 'The Stench Of Redemption', you can now download Deicide's exclusive 'Doomsday L.A. Live EP' on iTunes. This formidable download includes three live tracks taken from the upcoming live DVD 'Doomsday L.A.', released on January 29. 'Doomsday L.A. Live EP' exclusively features annihilating live renditions of "The Scars Of The Crucifix", "The Stench Of Redemption" and "Desecration", recorded at Knitting Factory L.A. in 2006.

The Berzerker also offer a brutal dosage of what to expect from the highly anticipated release of 'Animosity' in February. The exclusive download entitled 'Animosity EP' features the track "Heavily Medicated", taken from the forthcoming album. The EP also serves up chaotic live versions of the vicious "Deform" and "Reality" recorded in London in 2006, and is a must-have for any The Berzerker devotee.
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The Berzerker: 'Animosity' Limited Ed. To Include Live CD
December 22, 2006
Australian grind deviants The Berzerker have announced a limited edition version of the upcoming album 'Animosity', which includes a free bonus live CD recorded on the recent U.K. headline tour.

The band's live set at London's Dome on December 16, 2006 was captured live by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) and will be issued on initial pressings only of the brand new album due February 12.

The bonus disc features 20 tracks and runs for an hour, and includes the band's infamous Morbid Angel and Carcass covers, as well as brand new cut "Heavily Medicated".

The full tracklisting for 'Animosity''s bonus disc, titled 'Live in London', is as follows:

01. Forever
02. Compromise
03. The Principles and Practices of Embalming
04. "Y"
05. Never Hated More
06. World of Tomorrow
07. Disregard
08. All About You
09. Cannibal Rights
10. Heavily Medicated
11. Burnt
12. Afterlife
13. Chapel of Ghouls
14. Pure Hatred
15. Deform
16. No One Wins
17. Death Reveals
18. Reality
19. Committed to Nothing
20. Corporal Jigsore Quandary
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The Berzerker Announces Contest Winner;Unveils Artwork
November 15, 2006
Australia's The Berzerker recently held a worldwide cover art contest where they allowed artistically inclined fans the chance to create the cover artwork for their new album, 'Animosity'. The winner of The Berzerker cover artwork contest is 25-year old French artist and Berzerker fan, Adrien Bousson, whose work "best displayed the immediate feeling of the album and conceptually cradles itself into The Berzerker's past catalog," according to a press release.

Check out the winning artwork at this location.

'Animosity' is scheduled for release in March 2007 via Earache Records. According to a press release, the CD sees The Berzerker continuing and developing the theme of hate-fuelled lyrics and extreme sonic assault seen in 'World of Lies'.
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The Berzerker Mainman Comments On Upcoming Album
August 28, 2006
Australia's The Berzerker is currently working on its fourth studio album for Earache Records. With 10 tracks currently in demo form, the band is waiting with baited breath to take this material into the studio and record yet another "earth-shattering" album of industrial grindcore.

Working on the new album this time as always is mainman and vocalist Luke Kenny with Jason V (self-titled, 'World of Lies'). The two have been collaborating for the past few weeks to outdo all their previous releases and are well on track to destroy some more brain cells with their sonic attack.

"The new material is fucking insane" says Kenny. "I sometimes wonder when we start writing if we really can out-do our other releases. I mean, we have already made some of the fastest, most brutal music on the planet, and when people hear the name The Berzerker, they fucking know it! Even to this day, every time we've finished a writing session I listen back. And I'm stopped in my tracks by the sheer ferocity for the music... No one else assaults the listeners with such a barrage of force as we do... This time is war!"

Kenny continues: "I'm bringing back some old-school vocal styles and fucking loving it. It's a crazy time for me at the moment working on all the new material and planning another two weeks of touring in the U.K."

Regarding the upcoming U.K. tour, Kenny says, "We had to come back. The last U.K. tour was so well attended and was so fucking violent. We gave the crowd all the energy we had (and them some) and they took it and fucking threw it back at us... As well as breaking their bodies in the process... I know they want more... And so do we... Get ready. Make your doctors appointments early. 'Cause we coming back in December to make you bleed once more... We don't so much play music as pump out hateful waves of blasting energy from the stage... If you're brave enough we'll see you there... RROOAAGGGHHHH!!!"

Earache expects to release the new album before the end of the year or in early 2007.
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HOME TOWN: Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to The Berzerker, music of the most extreme reaction from being beyond mankind. "The Berzerker is about musically fulfilling the statement 'he who makes a beast of himself, is free from the pain of being a man' The Berzerker is the most natural form of extremity known on this planet." The Berzerker are an Industrial Death Metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in Speed, Intensity and aggression. The wall of noise produced by the band encompasses very untraditional drums sound supplied in the form of distorted 909 kick drums, and industrial sound scapes with general destructive elements used to enhance sonic assault. With twin vocal attacks and machine gun vocals rhythms the band stop at nothing to express their hatred on humanity. The Berzerker was created as a solo studio project in 1995 and went on to release various EP's on labels such as Industrial Strength (USA), Speedcore (GERMANY)and Widerstand (AUSTRIA) 1998 saw the initial contact with Earache with the re-mixes of Morbid Angel tracks Day of Suffering, Abominations and The Ancient Ones. The Berzerker was offered a contract with Earache Records for a number of full-length albums shortly afterwards, and in 2000 the Self-Titled album was released and the live act was born. The bands first film clip for the track "Reality" was banned by the ITC (independent television commission) and MTV due to excessive strobe lighting and horrific images, including the appearance of the band. In early 2001 the band headed off on a successful 27 show tour of the USA and Canada. The band are currently awaiting the release of their 2nd album "Dissimulation" to continue the touring assault on Europe, UK, Australia, Canada and the USA. The line up is nameless and faceless. We are referred to by our instruments! "The human form conjures up images of complacency. Therefore the human form will be avoided. " "Isolated from people and the world The Berzerker has through its own nature evolved to a point well beyond the horizon of extreme. The limits of the conventional no longer apply." The Berzerker 2002 AD