The Apex Theory
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in that sky is something watching

Topsy Turvy

The Apex Theory
August 6, 2004
The Apex Theory will be releasing a new EP titled inthatskyissomethingwatching in September through their official site. In addition, the band has lined up the following dates:

8/07 Sacramento, CA - The Underground Café
8/08 Fresno, CA - Porky's
8/28 Irvine, CA - Third Eye Gathering Festival
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HOME TOWN: Los Angeles, Ca
Art Karamian (vocals/guitar)
David Hakopyan (bass)
Sammy J. Watson (drums)

Forming in 1999, the apex theory built a name in and around their home base of Los Angeles with an infectious live show and a dedication to each of their musical and artistic perspectives. Blending the spirit of rock, the musical nature of drum n’ bass, jazz & world music, along with the spontaneity of experimental noise, the apex theory delivered a very distinctive style of rock music. By the spring of 2000, they self-released the Extendemo EP, causing a stir with the majors. However, they weren’t solely concerned with getting a deal. The focus was on playing out and getting as many ears & eyes to experience the live show as possible. Nevertheless, from all the majors who came forth, DreamWorks eventually won them over. In early 2001, the apex theory went into the studio with producer Don Gilmore, for what was to become the recordings for their first proper EP, a self-titled effort issued later that year, and the full-length Topsy-Turvy to be released April of 2002. A slot with the 2001 Vans' Warped Tour established the apex theory's name among the ever-changing alt-metal/post-grunge reign. The debut single and video for "Shhh...(Hope Diggy)" pushed them to co-headline the 2002 MTV2 tour with the Lost Prophets. In the summer of 2002, after the release of Topsy-Turvy, they joined the Ozzfest Festival Tour in support of the record. Parting ways with the original vocalist later that year, the apex theory dove into the studio and created for the next year and a half to come. Evolving as a trio in March of 2004 with Art Karamian taking on vocals and guitar, Sammy J. Watson on drums, and David Hakopyan on bass, the apex theory harnessed their unique chemistry into their self-released EP, inthatskyissomethingwatching. Since their re-grouping, they have played several sold out local shows, occasionally performing the freshly composed visual opus entitled Lightpost. With a constant push towards the next stage, the apex theory continue to breathe new life into themselves by resonating a distinct mixture of heartfelt energy and sound.