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Lullabies For A Dormant Mind

Only Once Imagined
Misguided Aggression Add Dates w/ Threat Signal, The Agonist
April 15, 2010
Misguided Aggression have added tour dates this weekend with The Agonist and Threat Signal. The band will perform on April 16th in Brantford, Ontario with The Agonist and then join Threat Signal, Bloodshoteye and The Last Felony on April 17th in St. Catharines, Ontario for Niagara Metal Fest.

Misguided Aggression is currently writing new material for the group's upcoming sophomore effort, which is expected to surface in late 2010 through Year of The Sun Records.

"We've started writing new material and we have about six songs ready to go," commented guitarist Randy Allcock. "Our debut album was great and it represented where we were at the time, but our new material is a lot more complex and it has bigger hooks. We're consistently trying to raise the bar for ourselves, because almost every band out there is either messing with auto-tune or write nothing but breakdowns. We just want to make a good solid metal album devoid of any trends."

Misguided Aggression's debut album, 'Hatchala', was recorded at Icehouse Studios by producer Thomas Ireland and mixes bone crushing brutality with head-banging grooves to create the soundtrack to a drunken bar brawl between Lamb of God, Pantera and Meshuggah. Sputnik Music hailed the album as, "One of the neatest records of extreme metal from an upcoming band I've heard in quite a while." The band's video for "Our Kingdom Come" can be viewed online at

Misguided Aggression Tour Dates:
4/16 - Brantford, Ont - Rehab (w/ The Agonist)
4/17 - St. Catharines, Ont - Mikado's (w/ Threat Signal, Last Felony)
4/23 - Guelph, Ont - Club Vinyl (w/ Odium, Drudgery)
4/24 - Hanover, Ont - The Forum (w/ Odium, Time The Destroyer)
5/01 - Woodstock, Ont - Woodshack (w/ Odium, Endast)
5/07 - Hamilton, Ont - Corktown (w/ Deathpoint)
6/12 - London, Ont -Moon Over Marin (w/ Starring Janet Leigh)
9/03 - Ingersoll, Ont - Ingersoll Metal Fest II

For more info, visit:
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Threat Signal Post Tour Video On
October 1, 2009
Check out footage of Threat Signal's shenanigans from their recently completed headlining tours with The Agonist, Flatline, Thy Will Be Done, The Autumn Offering and Sybreed at this location.

, the groups 2nd outing, was produced by vocalist Jon Howard and mixed by Greg Reely (Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly). The record was released on September 8th (N. America) and 11th (Europe) via Nuclear Blast Records.

'Vigilance' track listing:
01. Afterlife
02. Through My Eyes
03. The Beginning Of The End
04. United We Stand
05. Beyond Recognition
06. Another Source Of Light
07. Hate Machine
08. Severed
09. Lost
10. Revision
11. In Repair
12. Escape From Reality
13. To Remember

The band recently shot video clip for the track "Through My Eyes" which can be viewed below.
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The Agonist Team Up With PETA2 For Video Premiere
September 7, 2009
Canada’s most exciting female fronted export, The Agonist, strike back with their second full-length offering, 'Lullabies For The Dormant Mind', which combines shredding leads with pure technicality, topped off with the glamorous Alissa White-Gluz’s brutal growls, as well as dramatically melodic clean vocals, that take The Agonist to a new level of musical grandeur. The group have teamed up with PETA2 to exclusively premiere their amazing new video for the track, “Thank You, Pain,” which was shot by acclaimed director David Brodsky (All That Remains, Black Dahlia Murder).

Check it out now at or watch it below.

further comments: “We are very happy to finally be finished with our summer touring, and look forward to lots more in the fall. We really appreciate the awesome fans we have met throughout the USA and cannot wait to meet everyone in South America and Mexico! The video for ‘Thank You, Pain’ is a long time coming. Once again created by the great David Brodsky and MyGoodEye and we tried to really represent the lyrical presence of the song without distracting from the music itself. Since the song is dominated by two speakers, (represented by my dual vocals) we needed a strong yet subtle way to let the lyrics carry the narrative and emotion of the song, and we accomplished this with different locations within the beautiful old courthouse in New Jersey. ‘Thank You, Pain’ was an instant favorite for many The Agonist fans, new and old, so we hope they will appreciate the new visuals accompanying the song.

I am also very honored to have PETA2 exclusively premiere our video. Since PETA fights for a lot of the same things I do in my songs, it's great to be able to partner up again. I look forward to working with them on future campaigns as well. They are perceived as a daring organization that pushes the boundaries in order to expose what people normally turn a blind eye to. We have noticed that a lot of our fans are extremely intelligent, interesting people so we think they will be excited about this video debut as well. Thanks for the support on all of our 2009 touring and we will see you soon!”

was recently featured as one of Revolver Magazine’sHottest Chick In Metal” so head over now to to check out a number of outtakes from the shoot. To stream new tracks and to view their new video reports from the Threat Signal tour, head on over to

Produced by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Mythosis), 'Lullabies for the Dormant Mind' exposes new facets of the band and touches upon classical, jazz, opera, grindcore, thrash and black metal influences in a complete metal opus. Following a dark, twisted yet beautiful, surrealist visual concept from Natalie Shau once again, The Agonist have created an uncomfortable yet addictive setting for their metal. 'Lullabies For The Dormant Mind' promises to turn heads with its daring mix of moods and styles – a challenging album well ahead of its time.
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Arsonists Get All The Girls Set To Launch New Material
June 17, 2009
The unveiling of new material from Santa Cruz, CA metallic hardcore noisemongers, Arsonists Get All The Girls, has a date set, and that day is Today, Wednesday, the 17th. Be sure to keep an eye on the bands Myspace page to check out their new page layout, an eCard, Pre-order packages (CD here, Bundle here), band photos and most importantly, new music!

Arsonists Get All The Girls new album, 'Portals', is set to drop on July 14th via Century Media. The artwork for 'Portals' is available below.

Arsonists Get All The Girls
On Tour
w/ The Agonist, APFP, Chelsea Grin, Attila & Execute The Sinner:
06/18 - The Royal Albert Arms – Winnipeg, MB
06/19 - The Killroys – Thunder Bay, ON
06/21 - The Jubilee Center – Sudbury, ON
06/22 - The Chubby Pickle – Windsor, ON
06/23 - Reverb – Toronto, ON
06/24 - The Casbah – Hamilton, ON
06/25 - Moon Over Marin – London, ON
06/27 - The Bayou – Ottawa, ON
06/28 - Underworld – Montreal, QC
06/29 - L’Anti – Quebec, QC

w/ See You Next Tuesday, Knives Exchanging Hands, Attila & Fell Silent:
07/01 - The Irish Centre – Pittsburgh, PA
07/02 - Crocodile Rock – Allentown, PA
07/03 - Rocko’s – Manchester, NH
07/04 - Penny Arcade – Rochester, NY
07/05 - Mojo 13 – Wilmington, DE
07/06 - Knights of Columbus – Annapolis, MD
07/07 - Jaxx – Richmond, VA
07/08 - Plan B – Danville, VA
07/09 - Peppermint Beach Club – Virginia Beach, VA
07/10 - Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
07/11 - Gallery 13 – Columbia, GA
07/12 - The Pit – Jacksonville, FL
07/13 - Island Oasis – Winter Park, FL
07/14 - Willer Hall – Sarasota, FL
07/15 - The Garage South – Ft. Myers, FL
07/16 - Orpheum – Tampa, FL
07/18 - High Ground – Metairie, LA
07/19 - Java Jazz – Houston, TX
07/20 - Ayers Event Center – Corpus Christi, TX
07/21 - Nite Bar – McAllen, TX
07/22 - White Rabbitt – San Antonio, TX
07/23 - Red 7 – Austin, TX
07/24 - The Key – Abilene, TX
07/25 - Compound – Albuquerque, NM
07/26 - The Sets – Tempe, AZ
07/27 - The Green Turtle – Whittier, CA
07/28 - Cobalt Café – Canoga Park, CA
07/29 - The Dome – Bakersfield, CA
07/30 - The Exit – Fresno, CA
07/31 - Modesto Virtual – Modesto, CA
08/01 - The 418 – Santa Cruz, CA
08/02 - Yesterday’s Plaza – Klamath Falls, OR
08/03 - Satyricon – Portland, OR
08/04 - Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
08/05 - The Boulevard – Spokane, WA
08/06 - TBA – Pocatello, IA
08/07 - Knights of Columbus – Gillette, WY
08/08 - Hodis Halfnote – Ft. Collins, CO
08/09 - Eagles Lodge – Wichita, KS
08/10 - Pinkeye – Tulsa, OK
08/11 - Bottleneck – Lawrence, KS
08/12 - Fubar – St. Louis, MO
08/13 - TBA – Terre Haute, IN
08/14 - Black Sheep Café – Springfield, IL
08/15 - Mojoe’s – Chicago, IL
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Threat Signal Reveal Album Details, Post New Songs Online
June 5, 2009
Canadian Cyber-thrash metallers, Threat Signal, will release their sophomore album, 'Vigilance', on August 28 (Europe) and September 8th (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records. The cover art is available below.

The track listing for 'Vigilance' is as follows:
01. Afterlife
02. Through My Eyes
03. The Beginning Of The End
04. United We Stand
05. Beyond Recognition
06. Another Source Of Light
07. Hate Machine
08. Severed
09. Lost
10. Revision
11. In Repair
12. Escape From Reality
13. To Remember

Two songs from the album — "Beyond Recognition" and "The Beginning Of The End" are available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

Threat Signal
has just kicked off a headlining tour with The Agonist, Flatline and Thy Will Be Done. Dubbed the "Road to Revision", the run will be followed by another headlining trek this July with The Autumn Offering, The Agonist and Sybreed. During this tour, Threat Signal will be debuting material from 'Vigilance'.

Commented vocalist Jon Howard: "This tour is really special to us because we will be debuting five songs from our new album within an hour-long performance. I'm really excited to see how the fans react to the new material. It's a very solid tour package with The Agonist, Flatline, and Thy Will Be Done, so the show is strong from beginning to end. This will be a heavy, brutal tour with lots of drinks and good times! We'll have our camera rolling for a DVD so put on your metal face and come rock out."

In a recent interview with Spine Language blog, Jon Howard stated about Threat Signal's decision to play new, as-yet-unreleased material as part of the band's current live performance, "We feel that we've been playing the same show for too long. We've been playing songs from 'Under Reprisal' for almost five years! The reactions have been amazing so far. Sometimes it feels as if they know the songs already! So with that said we have totally broken the rule. We are playing five songs from the new album, 'Vigilance', and six from 'Under Reprisal'. So you get a good blend of new and old. I think people are craving new shit, so even if they do stand and nod their head, I don't care, I know they are just taking it all in!!"
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HOME TOWN: Montreal Quebec, Canada
Alissa White-Gluz - Vocals
Danny Marino - Guitar
Chris Kells - Bass
Simon McKay - Drums

It is extremely rare to find an up-and-coming metal band taking strong political stands, much less one that�s led by a dominating, beautiful, edgy female. But it is exactly this unique dynamic that led Century Media Records to sign Montreal�s THE AGONIST (formerly The Tempest) to a worldwide deal. This quartet delivers introspective, scathing lyrics, and their debut album Once Only Imagined, which is set for a summer release, will definitely catch people�s attention.

Vocalist Alissa White-Gluz�s vegan roots fuel her need to promote the protection of the planet and its inhabitants, and she does so through this outlet. Along with guitarist Danny Marino, bassist Chris Kells and drummer Simon McKay, each member brings their own rich musical backgrounds to the table, creating the perfect expression of melody and madness. Make no mistake, this is a straight-up metal band that holds nothing back with one goal in mind: to make music that is as catchy as it is heavy; as sweet as it is loud; and as angry as it is melancholy.

Alissa states: �We were definitely intrigued when Century Media took notice, simply by chance, after hearing a few unmastered tracks of ours. This partnership with Century gives us the platform to say what we need to say and do what we need to do, and that is promote and educate the public on some fundamental causes that are quickly being forgotten, voiced through provoking music that carries the message home.�

THE AGONIST kicks off their first run of the U.S. with dates supporting labelmates GOD FORBID this spring. They will then join Epica and Visions of Atlantis for select dates in September, leading them immediately into a month-long North American tour with Sonata Arctica. They will cap off the fall with shows alongside Overkill, further proving their ability to appeal to multiple genres while winning over any crowd they face. See above for their complete touring itinerary.