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01. Old Days Born Anew
02. The Sun's Architect
03. Awake
04. Laments of an Icarus
05. One Eye for a Thousand
06. State of Disobedience
07. Storm Warning
08. Messengers
09. To Erase a Lifetime


Textures latest release, Silhouettes, is easily one of the best releases of 2008. Any band that can take the machinations of Meshuggah and inject massive amounts of melody into the sound is pure genius. Not only that, but unlike Meshuggah and their constant repetition, Textures are an entirely new take on "Math-metal" with the addition of keyboards and the fact that they don't repeat themselves to the point where the entire album sounds like one long song even when that's not the intention. With Textures, each song has it's small similarities, but ultimately stands on it's own (not unlike Meshuggah's older and less repetitive material).

Adding even more to the already amazing sound is the fact that Textures actually incorporates something that Meshuggah NEVER did, and that is the addition of clean vocals. Songs like 'Awake' showcase this in a major way, with clean vocals sounding very similar at times to the practically inimitable Mike Patton. This continues on randomly throughout the course of the album, with most songs having a random clean refrain thrown in somewhere. The good thing is that it's not at all formulaic or repetitive. There isn't a clean chorus at a certain point in every song. It's random and only done when and where it fits, giving each song the ability to stand on it's own, while also making it so that the entire album flows seamlessly. Something that is definitely easier said than done.


With all the up and coming technical deathcore bands (Veil Of Maya, After The Burial) ripping Meshuggah's sound in a major way, Textures is really the only band that can lay claim to actually doing more than just trying to sound like Meshuggah jr. While some may see them as not being so far removed from the aforementioned bands, it's not that hard to hear the differences. Textures simply incorporates more ambience and melody into their sound, which easily sets them apart from the others. Textures is Meshuggah for the modern era, period.

If 'obZen' left you unsatisfied, and you're looking for something with a little bit more going on than the same rehashed riffs and awkward time signatures, give 'Sillhouettes' a few spins and see if you haven't found your favorite new band.

RATING: 10/11

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