Terror Syndrome
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Terror Syndrome Announce New Vocalist
September 23, 2008
Canadian newcomers, Terror Syndrome, have issued the following update via the band's Official Myspace page:

Hey Everyone, Some big news to share with all of you....There has been a change in the Terror Syndrome camp.

Denton Bramley will no longer be singing for Terror Syndrome. All 4 of us came to an agreement that this was the best decision for everyone involved. There are no hard feelings what so ever. We wish Denton all the best in his future musical endeavors. Keep an eye out on Denton's Myspace page for everything he will be doing musically in the future.

We would officially like to welcome Dave Padden (Annihilator) into the fold as the new singer for Terror Syndrome. Denton's shoes are not easy to fill, but Dave's voice fit the bill perfectly. Dave sings a certain style of vocals for Annihilator, but rest assured that he sounds fucking awesome with his different approach of guttural screams and singing for Terror Syndrome. He's a versatile vocalist, who has had tons of experience fronting Annihilator over the years, and he's stoked to be singing in Terror Syndrome. Dave is still the frontman for Annihilator, but he will now be fronting Terror Syndrome as well.

You can check out a couple pictures of Dave in our 'Pics' section. To hear a sample of the type of vocals Dave will be contributing to Terror Syndrome.... go to www.myspace.com/silentstrain. This was a band Dave laid vocals down for a few years ago.

Lastly, the news that all you Terrorizers have been wanting to hear!!! Terror Syndrome has confirmed our first live show. All the final details are being worked out and the show will be announced in a couple of days. Expect to see Terror Syndrome live in the very near future with more shows to follow. More details to be announced soon....... stay posted!"

For more information on Terror Syndrome, head on over to www.myspace.com/terrorsyndromeband.
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Terror Syndrome Done Mixing, Onto Mastering
April 7, 2008
Canadian thrashers Terror Syndrome have issued the following update via the band's Myspace page:

"Mixing is 100% done, we are working on a mastering date hopefully within the next 2 weeks and we'll be done the album as for sounds. The only thing left will be CD art.

A huge thanks to Devin Townsend for the fucking awesome mixing job he did, the album sounds fucking heavy and that's exactly what we wanted from Mr.Hevy Devy!!!!

Like we promised.... expect to hear some brand new mixes on our My Space VERY soon!!! Stay posted and spread the TERROR!"
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Devin Townsend Mixing Terror Syndrome Album
January 5, 2008
Canadian metallers Terror Syndrome have chosen none other than the madman himself, Devin Townsend to mix their debut album. The band had the following to say about their decision:

"So, mixing has started and the guy we have decided to use for mixing the entire record is the one and only Devin Townsend! There were a few awesome guys we had to choose from but in the end Devin was the guy we wanted for several reasons. To start, he's a multi-talented artist with amazing ideas in his approach to mixing and everything he does, he's very familiar with how a metal record should sound, he knows what sounds Terror Syndrome are looking for and how to get them and he's a bro to us that we can trust in getting one fuck of an awesome sounding record. We've heard Devin's most recent projects (mix-wise) and they sound un-fucking-real!!!! I've personally seen this whole album through from start to finish in writing the music, producing the album and choosing the right guys for the band and I know the right choice has been made in having Devin mix, all of us in Terror Syndrome know he's the right guy for the job. This debut album HAS to sound amazing for it's 2008 release and we know it will with Devin behind the mixing board.

There was a vision from the start when this album was supposed to be a solo record for myself, it has since evolved into a band with members who have given their all to this recording and we want this album to sound amazing for us but especially for our fans. Having Devin involved in mixing will help secure that vision.

So, mixing starts today, Jan 2nd 2008. We'll keep you updated on mixing and all the other news that comes through the Terror Syndrome camp.

Thanks for your always overwhelming support, you fans ALL fucking RULE! Keep spreading the TERROR and stay posted for more news as it happens...."

Track List (in no particular order) for Terror Syndrome's upcoming debut cd:

1. Stupidity for All
2. Revolving Horror
3. Thrill Pill
4. Riot of Red (Feat. Christofer Malmstrom - Darkane)
5. When God Was Sober
6. Motionless
7. Rusty Trombone (Feat. Alex Skolnick - Testament, Trevor Dunn -Fantomas)
8. One Crime Closer to Hell
9. Disposable Empire (Feat. Byron Stroud - Fear Factory)
10. For Your Amusement
11. My Next Victim
12. Spinning Backwards (Feat. Devin Townsend, Michael Manring)

For updates check out www.myspace.com/terrorsyndromeband.
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Terror Syndrome Issues Final Update For 2007
December 30, 2007
Canadian modern thrashers Terror Syndrome have issued their final update for the year via their Official Myspace page:

Hey Everyone, First of all, thanks for an amazing 2007! Terror Syndrome Fans are the best fans a band could ask for ... we fucking love you ALL!!!!

We just finished recording some of Denton's touch up vocals and finished recording all the extra guitar parts for Dave. Everything is sounding incredible and we even improved a couple of the songs vocally with new and better ideas.... that's what happens when you get to objectively listen to your album for the better part of a year! We can't wait for you all to hear this album when it's done!!!

We have a confirmed date for the final mixing of our entire album. On Jan 2nd, 2008 mixing will begin and our album will be one step closer to finished. We will announce who is mixing the album on Jan 2nd. You will all know this guy and he is going to make our album sound fucking unreal... trust me!

Lastly, thanks for an amazing 2007, you all made it very special to us by showing us how many of you are Terror Syndrome fans worldwide. We promise to deliver the goods very soon in 2008 in Metal Style!!! There will be lots to be excited for, I promise you that. Be safe on Dec 31st and have an amazing New Years Celebration. Be responsible and safe, we want to see you all when we hit the road. Take care and expect 2008 to be the year of TERROR!!!!

For more information, check out www.myspace.com/terrorsyndromeband.
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Terror Syndrome Issues Album Update
November 19, 2007
Canadian thrash unit Terror Syndrome has issued the following update via the band's Myspace page:

"Hey Everyone,

So were going great, getting ready for mixing and..... FIZZ!!! The main hard-drive goes up in smoke!!!! Of course we had it backed up , except for a few Vocal, Guitar and Bass parts that we decided to re-track at the end. So, needless to say we're back in the studio to re-track the few things we lost. It sucks but it could have beeen a lot worse!!!

We're looking to mix the full album in December. We will be announcing who's going to mix it soon, I know many of you out there will know the guy mixing the album for us, he's a killer dude who can mix the hell out of a record!!! After the mixing the mastering will happen and so on.... The CD art for the album is getting started on in a week or so with Deep Peace Design (Has worked with Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend Band). It will look sick, we have some amazing ideas for the album art. Our website will be up when we release the album in March/April 2008, the ideas are amazing for that as well. Everything is moving along nicely except for the little hard drive mess up.

Expect another Terror Syndrome behind the Scenes Video very soon. The next one will have footage of us getting some Bass, Guitar and Vocal tracks done. Look for that within the next month or so.

Like we mentioned before, we're very close to announcing how the album will be released. We're very excited about it and that announcement will be made soon. Thanks for your patience and especially the amazing support all you fans have shown. We know this album has been in the making for a while but it will be well worth the wait.... trust me!

YOU ALL FUCKING RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

For more info on Terror Syndrome, check out www.myspace.com/terrorsyndromeband. In the meantime, check out a video clip of Terror Syndrome in the Studio.
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Drums - Ryan "RVP" Van Poederooyen
Vocals - Denton Bramley
Guitars - Dave Young
Bass - Mike Young